what drug reference book do you like and why? what drug reference book do you like and why? | allnurses

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what drug reference book do you like and why?

  1. 0 I need to purchase a drug reference book for pharm, ideally one from a nursing view point. What would you recommend and why?
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    I recommend the Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses. It's formatted like a dictionary..not a huge textbook. This drug guide was recommended by my old pharm/patho lecture. This is really great because its provides the drug's indications, action, pharmacokinetics (peak, onset, half-life), side effects, nursing implications and nursing assessments to do if a patient is on this drug.

    I always use this when doing my patient research. It also comes with a CD-rom to install the drug guide onto your compuer. This saves A LOT of time when researching your meds for clinical or lecture. Good luck!
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    I use my Iphone epocrites whenever I'm in clinicals because I don't like to wear my lab coat and i especially don't want that chunky book in my pocket. I feel that you can find whatever information you're looking for on the internet. I bought davis drug guide, and downloaded the CD onto my computers to use for care plans but I just sold it because not once have I gotten it out and looked at it.
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    I like Mosby's Drug Guide For Nurses. It has a clean, easy to follow format and outlines interventions and patient/family teaching clearly. It also comes with a CD that has all the info on it as well.
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    I have Nursing Central from Unbound Medicine, and that bundle includes the Davis Drug Guide. Have had no problems with it. Maybe I will get Epocrates, because Epocrates also lists drug-drug interactions.