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What classes are you taking in spring - page 2

I'm taking Nursing fundamentals 7 credits Dosage calculations. 2 credits Health assessment. 3 credits Nursing seminar. 1 credit Total 13 credits This is my first semester... Read More

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    2nd semester out of 5: OB (lecture and clinical), pharmacology (online) and adult Health I (lecture and clinical) I believe a total of 10 hrs
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    Second Semester:

    Med/Surg 8 hrs
    Mother/Baby 5 hrs
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    Neuro, emergencies, psych Nursing Management
    Pharm 3
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    My school is broken up in quarters:

    Next quarter which starts the week of January 13th

    A & P 2
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    I'll be taking Pharmacology and Fundamentals of Nursing, My 1st semester .
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    LVN-RN role transitions and academic strategies.
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    Med-surg II 12 credits

    PN Issues and Trends 1 credit

    This is my 3rd semester out of 6 so I'm half way!!! It goes by crazy fast
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    Nursing Research (2 credits)
    Maternal/Newborn (2 credits)
    Maternal/newborn clinical (3 credits)
    Pediatric nursing (2 credits)
    Pediatric nursing clinical (3 credits)
    Health care ethics (3 credits)

    15 credits, 6 different classes

    This is my fourth semester in a BSN program
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    2nd semester of nursing school

    Nursing Care of the Adult, Health Alterations 9 credit hours
    Microbiology 3 credit hours

    After the semester from hell, I may drop micro to just focus on the nursing program. I'm exhausted!
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    I don't know how anyone could take courses other than nursing courses. I am so happy I took Micro 3 summers ago.
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    BSN program, 3rd semester:

    Med-Surg 2 theory - 4 credit hours
    Med-Surg 2 clinical - 4 credit hours
    Pharmacology 2 - 2 credit hours
    Statistics - 3 credit hours
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    2nd semester here!

    I'm taking:
    Adult Health aka Med/Surg
    Adult Health Clinical
    Adult Health Lab
    Patho/Pharm 2
    Aspects of Ethical Care
    Evidenced Based Practice

    The first semester flew by! I hope the next three do too Can't wait to start working
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    It is my first semester of nursing school, starting in January. Ill be taking:

    A&P II (4Credits)
    Fundamentals of Nursing (7Credits)