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Wellness diagnosis

  1. 0 Does anyone else struggle with these?

    I *barely* get unhealthful response diagnosis, I feel thrown for a complete loop with wellness diagnosis.

    I'm at the point I just need to struggle through to get it, I was just looking for a little sympathy.
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    Is this related to NP, because I have never heard of a wellness diagnosis...but I am assuming this has to do with routine wellness check-ups (and pertaining to nursing- thru a NP)

    Am I correct?
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    Nope, first semester of four for a BSN.

    We had to do a survey assessment of ourselves, come up with a diagnosis (most of our class has wellness diagnosis, I am making Health Seeking Behavior fit) and as the semester moves on we are working out a detailed personal care plan.

    It's so much easier to see what's wrong than work with what's not wrong.
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    I am in an ADN program and I am unfamiliar with a 'wellness diagnosis'.

    I understand the NANDA approved nursing diagnoses, however, I cannot recall a differentiation being mentioned between an unhealthful response diagnosis and a wellness diagnosis... Can you explain further?
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    One of the wellness diagnosis that several classmates are using is Readiness for enhanced coping. A wellness diagnosis does not have an etiology, but it does have an NOC/NIC.

    I know that explanation sucks, but that's as good as it gets from me tonight. Perhaps at the end of the semester I'll have a better grasp on them.

    ETA, these are NANDA
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    The differentiation was never presented to us...although I am aware of that particular diagnosis and others like it.

    All nursing diagnoses were presented as just that, and only those that were NANDA approved were to be used.

    Has anyone else been explained the difference? Or is it just my school? Is this a difference in BSN vs. ADN programs?
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    We had a short section in our fundamentals book about the difference, I think the major difference is it's maintaining/enhancing something that's already right and it's in my name to write up about things that are wrong.
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    Here are two wellness nursing diagnoses:
    • Health-seeking behaviors (specify)
    • Effective Therapeutic Regimen Management
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    We have the CArpenito Moyet book which lists all of the NANDA diagnoses and some NIC interventions. Wellness diagnoses are not as plentiful as the others, but there are quite a few. If I remember later after class I will post a few. Asoldierswife, you probably have seen them many times, just didn't think of them under the terminology "wellness diagnosis". (BTW I am in a ADN program also).
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    i had a lot of wellness diagnosis when i was in school. it was mostly from chronic patients who didnt really have anything to complain about.

    youre not alone.

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