Weird Day

  1. I'm a senior RN student working as a CNA at a SNF. This is my day at work today.
    • Post mortem care on a resident who passed an hour before. Family was comforted a bit by my butterfly scrubs.... apparently the resident was REALLY into butterflies.
    • A patient grousing over soggy toast. The replacement was also soggy.
    • Got patient to advocate for self on meal orders... he wrote a note to the kitchen.
    • A resident pulled the call light just to show me a giant booger.
    • A different resident whose husband passed away 3 days ago went on a shopping trip. I found out while she was gone and offered her a hug when I saw her again.
    • "It's Wednesday, I wear yellow on Wednesdays!" (Neat!)
    • Flu shot. Some confusion over where it was.
    • I saw a big black poodle there.
    • A resident said she was depressed.... I later referred that poodle to see her.
    • Dining room and PT room under construction.... now using lounge and ice cream parlor instead.
    • Had students from my college as part of their CNA class. I showed them the charting, and setting up trays and a few helpful tips for school.
    Overall it was a good day. Just weird.
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  3. by   zoe92
    Lol that does sound like a weird day. I'm sure you will never get bored
  4. by   classicdame
    that is why I like coming to work. Never know what the day will bring.
  5. by   vintagemother