Week 1 of Nursing School...done

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    So the first week of nursing school was good. It was intense. There were tons of orientations. We had classroom orientation. Then we had lab orientation. OMG but i am loving every minute of it. Who's with me?
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    It was a long week, but, I think this is going to be a great semester. We're learning a lot of interesting skills this semester and my clinical instructor is awesome.
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    Congrats for making it through week one. My first week of my last semester starts on Tuesday. We have Orientation for class and lab and then lecture one. Busy, busy day for us. I can't wait. I love it !
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    They basically scared the crap out of everyone with all the different rules! We were all like
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    Wow. I've got a degree from pre-Power Point days. Week one of nursing school was the longest period of time I've ever endured a classroom. You will love it then.

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