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In my nursing program we are limited to wearing Cherokee workwear brand scrubs. I have a little bit extra fluff around my middle both from having kids and some that is just fat for which I have nobody to blame but myself. Anyway,... Read More

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    Quote from runforfun
    i thought this thread was really great, reading about different ways to get my scrubs to fit my awkward body was interesting to me. you really don't need to attack the original poster. the post is about scrubs, no woman hating. i'm sure you could stir up a great thought-provoking debate under its own thread though-oknurse2be might even participate, if you ask nicely.
    ​not attacking, educating.

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    Quote from ruby vee
    ​not attacking, educating.
    while i can appreciate someone that would try to educate me on something, the way you came across felt like an attack. i am all for learning new things, like new words, so i found the word "misogyny" interesting to learn. however, i did not appreciate having my statements picked apart and assumptions made about me as a person based on those statements. especially since they had no bearing whatsoever on the original intention behind this thread. i have been here on an a while, and i have always had great respect for your input on threads. i have to admit i was surprised that someone i have respect for, would respond to my statement the way you did.

    i don't want this whole thing to take away from the thread, which has produced so many interesting and fantastic ideas on how to improve scrub fit!! thank you everyone for contributing your ideas and suggestions!!
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    I've done the elastic drawstring extension thing before. If your sneaky you can do it in a way where you don't have to rethread it. Means there will be less elastic in there (about 1/3) but no fiddling threading
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    You might try having a seamstress or even do it yourself, but sew some elastic in the waist band. The elastic should be sewn with gaps that stretch when you pull the draw string

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