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    Today was our final day of classes for a summer course and my teacher decided to host a little review for the final. Some of my classmates complained the entire time ("I don't like the way we're reviewing" or "I'd rather her just go over whats going to be on the test")

    AH~ I just wanted to shake them. Really our teacher didn't have to give any review. Our teacher doesn't have to give topic outlines for the tests. How are you going to complain when our instructor is TRYING to help. Oh lord, its like the world owes them something.

    Just a little rant!

    Anyone else have this problem? I try to smile and say that its helpful, and at least we get this much. Some instructors just say "study the chapters". Gotta love your peers
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    I have problems with a handful of students in my cohort that constantly complain, blame and criticize the course and/or teaching style. It drives me insane to have classmates challenging the instructors. Im waiting for them to get their ahem handed to them one day. hntil then I try to ignore them and not encourage any side talk like in my direction/vicinity. Sweet people, shameful students. Its just the difference in people.
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    I have a couple classmates that prey on the weaker professors. They get them to move homework due dates, talk over the teacher, throw out test questions that are legit and even try to get exam dates moved.

    I think it is just like any other group in the world... you have the good ones and you have bad ones. I just smile and try to ignore them. Sometimes it is hard because they are compromising my education. A couple of us had to speak to the teacher privately because it was effecting us too much
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    We had a HESI review at the end of our program. We were also required to pass HESI to graduate and sit for NCLEX. I watched one girl text and play games through the whole review, then get angry when she failed. I thought it was pretty funny.
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    I'm one of the students that doesn't like reviewing in class. If we're going to have a day to review in class I'd rather be doing my review my way, on my own. Actually, I don't use the reviews that one of our instructors gives us. I'm just putting it out there that it isn't just the "bad students" that complain about the reviews.
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    I agree with Mewsin, the review classes are ok if they make them optional, but everyone has different learning styles. I for one do not study well with a group. I learn better on my own. When I was forced to go to review days, they were a waste of my valuable study time. Of course negitivity only breeds more negitivity so... best to smile and make the best of it.
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    The review I mentioned was optional. That's why it was frustrating As for smiling, I did exactly that. It certainly takes all types of people...
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    I agree with OP, the teacher does not have to give a review but, it's just that a review. Some students actually want the instructors to hand them a copy of the exam. I feel review classes should be optional because they turn into a whining fest and I would rather not waste my time and review on my own.
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    It depends on how the course was laid out, I'd think. My semester of nursing school for summer 2011 involved going through all of the coursework for pediatrics, OB, and psych in three weeks total....three weeks to do 5 tests for one class and 4 for the other, 3 10ish pg papers, 2 presentations, and 4 clinical site orientations. I think if you have adequate time to learn the material, a review of any type is nice from the teacher. However, if you're being slammed with 7-10 chapters of required reading per class per day with a test every other day in each class and you're stuck in class 8 hrs/day each class period, I'd definitely rather have the teacher just review the core material for the test.
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    I, too, prefer to review on my own or with 1 or 2 others who study similarly to me. While I don't remember sitting through reviews in nursing school, I do remember certain instructors spending too much time listening to whiners during some classes. Sounds like an opportunity to speak up and say, "May we start the review?"

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