Transfering to a new program after failure.

  1. I just need to ask a quick question. I was a student at Luzerne County Community College and due to a really rough period I failed out during my second semester. It is now 2 years later and I am finally ready to go back. I have been working as an aide ever since and am doing signifficantly better in my classes. I am looking at going to Wilkes because more and more hospitals are only hiring BSN's. I also am very uneasy about re-enroling in the program that I failed.

    My question is that Wilkes's program just introduced a requirement that if you have previously been enroled in another program you need a letter from them saying that you left in "good standing". My problem is I am not sure if I left in good standing or not, and I wont be able to get ahold of anyone at the school for another week.

    I failed out based on grades, roughly by 1.5%. I am elleigable to reapply and to be readmitted. I was not discharged for unsafe clinical practice, actually I did very well in everything other than the tests. Being that I can be readdmitted to LCCC I am thinking that I am in "good standing" but im really not sure.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. by   runsalot
    Umm. You probably not in good standing with your first school. You would have to retake that class and pass to be in good standing. Good luck.
  4. by   traumanurse2b?
    I would think that because you are eligible to reapply to your first school that you are still in good standing with them. Like you said, you were not dropped for any conduct violations, you just did not make the cut grade wise. If you were not in good standing with them they would not allow you to reapply, plain and simple. I would go ahead and contact them as soon as you can to get that letter.
  5. by   love_heal_yoga
    Based upon what you have mentioned, you are likely still in good standing. They would not let you reapply if you were not. I would contact your old school to confirm this. Furthermore, be up front with your new school. Explain to them why you would like to start at the university and how obtaining your education there ties into your future nursing goals.
  6. by   Blue Cat
    I agree that if you are eligible to re-apply that you are considered in good standing. Good luck!

  7. by   matthewandrew
    Ask for a transcript. Mine indicates good standing status.