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    Top 10 confessions of a brand new nurse: week 1

    10. Day 1 sucks. You're a fish out of water struggling to breath, to fit in, to prove to yourself you're gonna make it.

    9. Don't speak to family...seriously. At this point "Hello" is sufficient. They ask questions...hard ones and don't ******** it.

    8. You won't "hit the ground running" even the BSN are dazed and confused. You'll hit the ground flat on your face...and it's gonna leave skid marks.

    7. Code brown exists...and it ain't funny no more.

    6. Common injuries at the house like minor lacerations become child's play. I've seen worse and lets not panic.

    5. Don't worry about how you look in your look stupid either way .

    4. "*** is that?!!" Is an understatement

    3. "Oh ok, yea I know what to do." No the **** you don't.

    2. Your mouth will say some stupid **** an instant..without warning.

    1. Its GONNA get better..

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    Absolutely hilarious! Thank you for this post.
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    SO TRUE!!!
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    Spoken like a camp!

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