There is a light at the end of the tunnel.......

  1. [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]Top 10 confessions of a brand new nurse: week 1

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]10. Day 1 sucks. You're a fish out of water struggling to breath, to fit in, to prove to yourself you're gonna make it.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]9. Don't speak to family...seriously. At this point "Hello" is sufficient. They ask questions...hard ones and don't ******** it.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]8. You won't "hit the ground running" even the BSN are dazed and confused. You'll hit the ground flat on your face...and it's gonna leave skid marks.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]7. Code brown exists...and it ain't funny no more.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]6. Common injuries at the house like minor lacerations become child's play. I've seen worse and lets not panic.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]5. Don't worry about how you look in your look stupid either way .

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]4. "*** is that?!!" Is an understatement

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]3. "Oh ok, yea I know what to do." No the **** you don't.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]2. Your mouth will say some stupid **** an instant..without warning.

    [FONT=Old English Text MT, cursive]1. Its GONNA get better..

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  3. by   Enthused RN
    Absolutely hilarious! Thank you for this post.
  4. by   silverbat
    SO TRUE!!!
  5. by   Stethoscopes&Scrubs
    Spoken like a camp!