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Anyone have unique rituals or superstitions before exams? Mine: I never shave on the mornings of exams. If caps are allowed, I wear my lucky Oneonta Tigers hat.... Read More

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    i have a few...

    i use the same pencil that i started with on the very first nursing test always. it's lasted me awhile, this is my last semester!

    and whenever i'm about to do anything nursing related that i'm nervous about (clinicals, tests, etc.) i wear a purple bracelet that my son made for me. it always reminds me why i'm doing this.

    another thing i do, is when i'm in uniform and getting ready for a day of clinicals i always look in the mirror and say "i hope i make you proud today, dad." my father was an RN but passed away before i got into nursing school.

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    when we have a test, i always wear my adidas flip flops. everyone thinks i'm weird... but i have a 4.0!
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    Quote from flightnurse2b
    everyone thinks i'm weird... but i have a 4.0!
    Can't argue with success!
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    I always visualize myself walking across the stage at pinning.....and thinking in my head, "I CAN do this, I CAN do this..." Also giving props to my grandmother, aunts, I'll be a 3rd generation RN....and thinking about my grandfather.
    He came down with Alzheimer's the year before I got into NS. He was out in AZ every winter, and after he went into the nursing home, he died 5 months later. I have a soft spot in my heart for the older males, and treat everyone of them like how I hoped he was treated. I didn't get to go out to see him, and I'm glad....I didn't want my last memories to be the GF I didn't know....He's the major reason for the care I give, I always know he's looking down at me....
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    I also used the same refillable purple pencil for every test.
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    I always have my children kiss my pen and pencil before the exam, Then I leave them somewhere on campus after the test. I "drop" them on the way to my car.

    One time my roomate had class with me and she brought my pen home, told me - "here's your pen, you dropped it after the test". I took it back to campus.

    It is a way of being done with the test after it is over, a way of de-stressing. I think I run into trouble during the finals because all of the comprehensive material was also dropped with my writing utencil. I think I am going to try finding on lucky pencil to use for the remainder of school.
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    I have a BRIGHT YELLOW Sweatshirt that I wear for every exam, since bright colors are supposed to stimulate the brain.. I also have a small ceramic Donald Duck that my best friends little sister gave me for good luck that needs to be out when I take all my exams.. if I dont have these 2 things I have severe anxiety!! I know I am alittle crazy, but it got me this far and I have 4 more months til GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!

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