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Hi there! I'm pretty new to the site, and will be starting NS in August. (Holy sheep! That's only 2 months away!:eek:) I want to know about your study spaces. What works for you? Do you have a dedicated area to study in? If... Read More

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    I lived alone most of nursing school and I couldn't study at home. I found coffee shops with internet access and late hours and did my work there.

    Even when one of my classmates - and primary study partner - moved into my house, we rarely studied at home.

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    My current study space is the dining room table . It isn't all that bad except for the hanging of my head while reading my texts (even with a binder to prop up the book) and the stiff chair. My butt needs a more comfy chair haha I'm skin and bones.

    My best studying occurs at the library-no son, no old lady, just my material.
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    I took over my husband's desk! (This is but one of the many things he has sacrificed so I can go to school full-time!) Not only is his desk bigger, his computer monitor is too, which is so much better than using my tiny netbook for practice NCLEX questions. I also pretty much took over the front room in our house. Sometimes I switch spots and study at the kitchen table. Less distractions with no computer.
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    I use my spare bedroom. I have an L shaped desk in the corner, bookshelf on one side, plastic drawer organizer on the other, printer on top of a nightstand (paper storage, and important documents for school). Above my desk is a huge cork-board, a dry erase board and photos of family.
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    I live in less then 1500 square ft with a brood (4 children), during Preq.'s i study on the couch and had a small table next to me with my stuff spread out in a 5 foot radius or i would study at my desk top (small), but the monitor hangs off the wall, still left actually work space limited, so i set up 2 TV tables. This is my shot, i dabbled about 7-8 years ago with preq's and have finally finished them and have been accepted to a RN program. This program starts in Jan 2012; im hoping to get my act together cause it was very difficult to find balance and i realize im not an A student, i have to work hard for my B's. My A&P teacher was difficult and started testing us like they do in NS, you know critical thinking, many answer could be right, but one is the best ;-) Anywho~ i like this topic it causes me to come up with a plan, ps. i <3 whiteboards and i write my notes in pencil, writing it, speaking it, watching it, I studied alot in front of my computer on Youtube~One day when im a professional RN i will build my own house with enough room so i can have an office and proceed with my BSN, would be incredible to earn my masters so i could teach, theres a demand for Nursing Educators~speciality Midwivery, CNM~ Good luck or God speed, own it.....believe ~Peaceful Studying~
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    What program are you in?
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    Starbuck's or library are my best friends. At home I am too easily distracted but for quick reviewing I do study outside while my kids play or at my son's t-ball practice. Since Starbuck's is close, offers delicious caffenieted beverages, and is open super late it is my favorite
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    Quote from studentnurseCT
    What program are you in?
    An RN program @ my local community college~so excited....and determined
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    I have a good size house but a good size family. I have 5 kids , so there really isn't an open room. I plan on using a dresser for organization and my bed to study on. If I really feel it isn't working then I will get a desk.I have a feeling that most of my studying is going to happen out of the house , either at the YMCA because I plan on dropping off the kids so I can study for 3 hours uninterrupted, or at the pubic or collage library. I study better alone though with 5 kids and a dh, alone is going to be hard.
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    What is a DH? I see people use this all the time? I have picked up that it refers to someones husband usually but what does the DH actually stand for? Dear Husband, maybe?

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