Techs and nursing students.

  1. While sitting in the break room ... working on some charting, I was asked by a tech what I was a student of ... I told them nursing and they asked RN? I responded with a polite and cheerful yes.

    she than told me ... they (CNAs) do all the work ... the nurses mostly do nothing... "all they do is pass meds" and that in turn their attitude was not justifiable....

    as a nursing student all I said was...

    my friend is a tech and I hear it is a lot of work.... and I bet you he nurses appreciate all you do for them... their job is hard too. It is mentally and physically taxing. They have patients in their care and it is their responsibility to maintain their stability or stabilize them.

    Did I say the OK thing?
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  3. by   HouTx
    You did not try to put them down or 'educate' them about different scopes of practice. Your humility and appreciation of their contributions was a wonderful way to build bridges. Learning how to work well with CNAs and other UAPs will make a huge difference in your student experience - and in the workplace after you launch your career.

    Nice Job!
  4. by   classicdame
    I am sure they feel dumped on a lot. But if they do not understand the scope of "work" in the big picture sense, they do not realize that others have contributions as well. It is important to work as a team. I think you handled it well. Maybe you and that tech will have the opportunity to join forces and get ALL the work done.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    You done good. With more education come greater appreciation of more factors, and the CNAs are working without the perspective that more education would bring. They are still at the point where they say, "I know everything a nurse does except how to give shots/pass meds." No, they surely don't, but they lack the perspective to see that nursing is so much more than the tasks we all do, too.

    You will find as you go along in school that you will have days where you say, "I wish to heck I'd known that last fall when I had a patient that..." This will continue throughout your professional life. Keep thinking.
  6. by   blackvans1234
    I'm a CNA, but also a nursing student.
    I hear other CNA's at my hospital complain about lazy nurses, and it's sad how they don't understand how the nurses have to do a TON of paperwork, as well as the skills and assessments.

    Especially the admissions and d/c's.
    Delegation is extremely important for the nurse when it comes to time management, and many CNA's / PCT's don't understand that.
    As a CNA everyone should remember the NA part of their title , (Nursing Assistant).

    You did wonderful, you were not degrading to the tech, you acknowledged their feelings and showed empathy.

    A good, helpful CNA is worth their weight in gold, VS a hateful CNA.
  7. by   ybanurse
    Haters! They were jealous; I get so tired of babying my CNAs ...I luv you and I appreciate what you do== But if your tired of wiping a*&^* go back to school! We as nurses get sh*&^D on too! Lpns complain about unit managers too. Everybody complains about everybody. If you don't like your boss, go back to school to become the Boss!