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  1. 0 I will be taking two Chem courses this summer before beginning my nursing courses in the fall. Does anyone have any study tips/ideas? I have been afraid of Chem since high school and I am aiming for an A.
    I will take Intro to Chem: Inorganic and Organic.
    Anything will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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    I have to take a 2 month Allied Health Chemistry for my BSN program starting fall, but you have to take 2 chems? Yikes. Look into Khan Academy, they have a lot of helpful chemistry videos.
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    I took Chem in the summer, it sucked. It was the only pre I didn't get an A in. I was also working 4 nights a week. Had I not been working it would have only kinda sucked. But seriously, it's totally doable. It's just not fun.
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    Yikes! is exacty how I feel...Luckily I will not be working but I do have a child, husband, and home to take care of. Still aiming for that A though
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    Study, learn the material don't memorize. I memorized (still made an A in Chem I & II), but if you put those same tests in front of me now I wouldn't know what I was looking at -_- lol. Study powerpoints, practice problems, read textbook & anything that might help. I have to take bio this summer & scared being that I never took summer classes. Best believe I will be taking my own advice. If need be, utilize your professor's office hours as much as possible. Good Luck!
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    Buy the study guide that accompanies your text.

    Each chapter builds on the previous so don't get behind. I got behind and paid for it dearly.
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    Also make sure you pay attention to the dimensional analysis section. You will be doing a lot of that in first semester pharm.