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  1. by   Mukfay
    Quote from Kendel.G
    "19 units I did that once and never again.

    What I don't get is the people who record a lecture and then play it back and retype it. Seems like a massive waste of time. Why not take notes as your hearing it and then spend the rest of the time studying what you don't know. It often seems the students that record the lecture don't get the best results but it maybe my person bias since recording lectures only recently became feasible so the couple of times I've done this I've found it to be of no value compared to my usual method.

    Yeah I know I will N-E-V-E-R do it again and I haven't even started yet. Thankfully my class schedule worked out so well that I will have loads of study time :-)[/QUOTE]

    I found that recording lectures worked well in my case because I had a 95-minute commute with nothing better to do than listen to the lecture (an unusual case I'll grant you). Cell-phone service stunk too, so that helped. I also have a lot of trouble concentrating when I take notes. So I listened carefully while a friend took detailed notes. Afterward we collaborated (I explained what I'd heard, and she fleshed it out with the notes.

    I received requests for lecture recordings from quite a few students throughout the program. I even bought software to clarify the sound of the instructors voice.

  2. by   FutureNurseShammie
    I agree with all of the above posts. Your brain has to reload so eating good snacks, and sleep. Exercise really gets your blood flowing and helps my retention rate. Have confidence that you are understanding what your reading, and don't add any pressure. Once you start to get sleepy take a nap or just get up and move around and come back to it.
    This is great advice.
  3. by   cl013561
    I love the cartoon ! I took a biology over the summer in an 18 day class. Now I feel empowered , b/c if I can pass that class with a " B" I know I can do anything. Craming for the exam really does not help. I just found myself tired and forgetting heverything I just spent all night stu
  4. by   smcgee1
    im always like this LOL!! especially now since i have one more year left of Nursing School!!
  5. by   MadisonG
    I used to be one of those people who crammed my way through everything. As I am advancing in my program let me tell you this is not the way to go. The night before an exam I set my bedtime for no later than 12:00 -1:15am. Sleep will help your mind process and store the insane amounts of information. I then will awaken 2 hours before the exam. If the exam is at 10am I wake at 8 and study until 9. For that last hour I eat and get ready. DO NOT rush to class or look at any material. It will freak you out and then you will start forgetting sh**. Let your mind flow and believe in yourself and believe in God. Also take study breaks. I used to study for hours at a time. I know may study for 3 hours and take a 15 minute study break. Restroom, text my bf, call my mom, get some coffee etc; I know it can be hard because it is hard for me too but you HAVE to think positive, if not you will not do well. Don't doubt yourself. I hope this helps!