Studying for OB class?

  1. Hello, I'm new to these forums! (I hope I am posting this in an okay space)

    This is my second semester (Level II out of IV for actual nursing classes at my university) and currently am enrolled in an OB class/clinical, Peds class/clinical and MedSurg class/clinical. OB is the death of me! We had our 2nd exam today in which I managed to score lower than the first exam and I'm failing the class by 1% now (at a 74 and passing is a 75).

    My main point is...has anybody had trouble with OB? I have finished my OB clinical rotation already and loved it, I learned a lot...but when it comes to the lecture exams, I just feel like it's so much material. We have one more exam left before the final and I am so stressed out I'm making myself sick.

    I could use all of the advice/study tips/resources out there. Thank you and I hope to hear from somebody who can at least relate!
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  3. by   Vectrexevo
    OB was easy for me and I'm a guy, maybe you should spend more time studying the highlighted stuff in your book and record your lectures in class. Get a study group going or find one..
  4. by   ImThatGuy
    I have a 90% right now and haven't done anything to prepare. Really, it is not a class I would have ever electively taken. I have learned things in lecture I sincerely did not want to know. Fortunately, I am in a brand new program (or first cohort of it anyway) and the faculty realizes enough time was not allocated to the new OB/peds consolidated course so a lot of the content has been pulled out, tests are easy, and a variety of unforeseen oppoortunities have reduced our nine hospital days to four. All I can say is maybe you will luck out like me and some miracle will minimize the class with a devout promise to never work with a baby or pregnant woman - a promise I made.

    I am going to add that I have never had a reaction to any death or injury, beyond "oh well," that I have seen as a cop or EMT, but when I learned about tearing and episiotomies I thought of my lady and future wifey and honestly went into psychogenic shock while seated in my desk.
  5. by   laceym
    I am passing OB right now, and our professor is notorious for being difficult. I just took my second exam as well. I really like the Review and Rationales by Saunders for Maternal and Newborn Nursing. Also, the ATI book or online resources are helpful for me-our professor goes by that more than the book. Our textbook is way too detailed, and as you said, there is so much material. Saunders guide and ATI book are to the point and give rationale which is really important to know. Good luck and we can get through this!
  6. by   Fabian06
    Hi there I relate to you in ways that it's scary! My passing grade is a 77 and I have a 76. We too have 3 exams total. I got a 72 on the first and 80 on the second. What I did differently on the second exam...1st of all we had two more weeks to study for that one. The first exam we had one week and 24 chapters talk about going insane. As soon as I found out I failed I went to staples spent 30 bucks and bought myself a tape recorder. WORTH THE 30 BUCKS. consider it insurance. you can spend 30 on junk food or i tunes and what are you left with? I spent it on the recorder and I was left with hints that i didnt write down in lecture, stuff i simply didnt even hear and a better grade. Listen to when you go on a walk. Take a couple of walks a week. Excercise is seriously important to stimulate the brain. Listen to it while you are cooking, taking a shower. I plugged mine in to my car radio and on the way to work which is a 1/2 hour commute each way I got an hour of extra easy "study time" in without doing anything! Eat salmon the night before the exam if you dont like it/allergic etc. find some omega 3's somewhere. BUY some kind of herbal tension/anxiety tea. I got tension tamer celestial seasonings I drank that the night before, because I was panicing I was going to fail. APPLES each slices of apples when u study, great short-term memory booster. Chew mint gum during exam. Most of all take a deep breath. When you are taking that exam think of it this way. I am the nurse, this is MY patient I had in clinical last week...what would I do/have done? Believe me I sound like I know what to do and I am in the same boat...maternity is hard! Its a speciality. If you dont put the time in you can only blame yourself and it sucks but its true. Unfortunatley time is an issue because like you, we are cramming an entire book into 6 weeks! Good luck post how you did, I will!