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  1. I still haven't figured out how to study that best helps me. Made it to second semester of RN school, but I don't want to push it that close next semester. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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  3. by   cute-1
    I study for about an hour,then I go and do something else.I memorize ALL of the highlighted words and the Chapter summary.Actually I read the chapter summary first,then memorize the words,then I read the text if I have time.If the text is confusing me I would find another way to learn the same information.Youtube was helpful with that,There are LOTS of professors on there and sometimes a different personality can help me to learn the same material.I NEVER study for hours and I really don't think that I could retain any information that way...I also have an app on my phone where I make flash cards and I look at those during my commute to school.Its very helpful to know your 'learning style" I am a visual learner so listening to lectures rarely helps me..I just zone would be wise to try different study methods to see which one sticks.I also study with my kid during his homework we both get at least 2 good hours of study per day.
  4. by   springchick1
    I also study for an hour then will take a 10-15 break just to give my brain a rest. The first time I read the chapter I highlight. The second time I read the chapter I take my own notes, hand written. Yes, it takes a little bit more time but it helps me retain the info. I also have an NCLEX study guide for each subject and do lots of practice questions. I've pulled solid B's in all my classes so far.
  5. by   rubato
    I study with no TV, no radio and no distractions. I basically lock myself in my bedroom. I use my powerpoints and the readings and create my own study guide. That's my first round of studying. Then, I print off my study guides and go through them at least 2 or 3 more times before the test. It cements it into my head.
  6. by   donk
    Cute-1.... What is the app you have to make flashcards? That sounds really neat!!
  7. by   BrooklynRN11201
    there's a great app called TurboScan for all of $1.99 - it takes pictures of charts and tables that you take from the text book, and it converts them into straight easily readable versions. you can blow up, zoom, whatever you need.

    I usually read the chapter summary notes, and scan the charts/tables, then I take notes during lecture and highlight when the Prof emphasizes things... then I go back and read in detail within the text everything that we went over in class (I forget the rest - otherwise it's too much info), I write my own study notes, then I review all notes and compare to powerpoints and the text, and make up notecards. I carry around the notecards and this app in my phone with the charts/tables from the text, and that's usually pretty good to pull out and go through a few times during the day. I work full time, so time to study is very minimal for me. I try to use interesting blocks of time - my morning/evening commutes, waiting in a Dr's office, etc. - to study where I can.