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    I'm wanting to start putting together a resume to apply for some CNA and PCT positions. I'm totally at a loss for where to begin though. I have a couple of clinical rotations under my belt and a good GPA, but I don't have any healthcare experience and I haven't even worked since I started school in 2009. If anyone has any advice or links to student nurse resume templates, it would be very much appreciated! It's really important to me that I start getting some healthcare work experience before I graduate since jobs around here are becoming more and more competitive.
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    Google CNA/PCT Resume options. I know most instructors wouldn't be pleased with this, but if you decide to even volunteer as a tech/cna get insurance, and that will get you around the "We prefer a year of experience in a facility" line. Out here every one keeps giving me that crap, and it annoys me VERY much. How the heck am I supposed to get a years experience if everyone keeps giving me that crap?!
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    Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Nursing has great resources...
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    just google 'nursing resume' and u should get lots of good examples of how to format urs. u can also go to your school's career center, they should have some print outs of some examples.