Starting my first IV

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    I noticed my pts arm looked a little red and was warm at her IV site, so I called the nurse I was working with to come and take a look. I've never seen a "live" infiltration. Well, she took one look and said "That'll have to be changed."
    This was an elderly lady with small veins, so the nurse asked me if I have done my first stick yet. I told her no. She said that this pt wouldn't probably be the best one to try on. I wasn't too disappointed, since...hey...aren't we all a little nervous about our first "nursey" things? We'd all like to get a nice big "river" vein for our first attempt. So I offered to get her supplies. She sat next to the pt and I opened all of her equipment. She was palpating her veins and looked at me and said, "you haven't done an IV right?" I said no. "Are you supposed to?" I said yes. She got up and offered me the throne! I didn't even have time to be nervous! And guess what??? I got it right away! First try! That puppy was patent and flushed easily! I love these milestones! Now, hopefully history repeats itself, again and again (for the sake of my pts!).

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    That's great!!
    We're starting our first IVs on eachother in lab tomorrow...we'll see how that goes. I know my hands will be shaking like crazy
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    Awesome! We can't start any until 3rd semester.
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    Woohoo! Good job! I'm 0 for 3...Actually, I got two of them in, but seem to have mastered the art of blowing veins!
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    Congrats thats awesome. I had the same kind of experience except with my first injection. I didn't have time to be nervous and i didnt even shake, my instructor was impressed lol
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    You guys are lucky, up here its a special skill you don't learn unless you are in an area where you will be starting IVs so we don't do it in school
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    Cool! Congrats! We will have to do them on each other the first part of November - I am very nervous. Yikes!
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    CONGRATS! I haven't done an IV yet, unless you count sticking my husband at home. Now if I can only talk him into letting me catheterize him...
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    I have TINY veins - frequently, actual nurses/phlebotomists are unable to find one in the first arm they try when an MD asks for blood tests. I always joke that it's a good thing I never aspired to be a heroin addict...SO how miserable am I going to be once nursing school starts this summer? Am I going to be a human pincushion?
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    Quote from western_chick07
    You guys are lucky, up here its a special skill you don't learn unless you are in an area where you will be starting IVs so we don't do it in school
    Don't you start iv's in most areas of nursing, at least in the hospital? That's where we're starting iv's (at clinicals) - my school's policy prohibits students from practicing iv's on each other or anyone else...too bad, because the floor I'm on right now has awesome nurses who have offered to let us practice on them, but the instructor said no way.

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