Some Pathophysiology help please

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to this site and so far looove it!!! I am taking pathophysiology and haven't had a test yet but I'm beg. to freak out because everyone is telling me it is soooo hard & my teacher is so laid back he tells us not to worry and go crazy?? :angryfire easy for him to say, he already graduated!! I would greatly appreciate any study/comprehension tips for pathophysiology and/or some test taking tips!!

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  3. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    Hi Kimmy,
    I just finished my patho course in June. Got a 93.5%. Here is what I did:
    Spend time everyday studying. Don't underestimate study time.
    You need to take notes on everything you read.
    You should have a good medical dictionary. I use Mosby's.
    You should have a Merck manual.
    Every single time you come across a word/term you don't understand, look it up thoroughly. Include the definitions in your notes.
    Having chem knowledge beforehand helps quite a bit.
    You may think this is overkill, but after I wrote from 15-30 pages of notes per chapter, I then re-wrote the notes, summarizing in just a few pages.
    If there are any questions in the text, do them.
    If there is a study guide to the text, get it and use it.

    If you feel you can work well with a group, try that. I didn't do that, but I know people who did, and felt it helped.

    The readings will get easier after a couple weeks, and you will acclimate to the reading level and degree of difficulty.

    Do not give up, or let yourself get discouraged. When you do not understand something in the text, take a short break, and RE-READ it until you do understand it. Make sure to do the studying everyday, and never let yourself get behind.

    You will get through it if you commit to doing the work.

    One more thing- I enjoyed this course more than most other courses I've taken. If you decide that you will make the best of it, and really decide to love the work - you will get more out of it. It really is satisfying to learn this material.

    You can also always ask questions on this message board - there will be lots of help here!

    Best wishes. Regards, Susan
  4. by   Cursed Irishman
    Quote from SusanKathleen
    Hi Kimmy,

    Every single time you come across a word/term you don't understand, look it up thoroughly.
    This is probably the best advice anyone can give a person in school and its useful in the real world as well...why guess what a word means when a few seconds of work can tell you for sure?
  5. by   kimmyp
    Thanks for the tips!!! I really appreciate it
  6. by   Daytonite
    test taking tips
  7. by   kimmyp
    Got an A in patho!! yayyyy!! thanks again
  8. by   Daytonite
    Quote from kimmyp
    Got an A in patho!! yayyyy!! thanks again
    Good for you!
  9. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    Great job! Be very proud of yourself.
  10. by   madascanbeRNtobe

    Im taking second half of A+P and Patho this semester at the same time lol

    Average in A+P I was an A-. I dunno...wish me luck
  11. by   evonne32
    Hello guys, just registered to this site because I was in search of information on effective ways for studying pathophysiology.

    Part two ? I haven't taken patho. yet; in fact, everyone signed up with an easy instructor for patho. I was one of those

    individuals who tried to sign up with that particular instructor but I didn't succeed. I got stuck with an instructor that everyone

    tried to avoid taking because he's hard and he belittles his students...."are you an idiot? no stupid!!!!......etc. Someone

    please tell is his methods of teaching conducive for anyone to learn? What do you think? Has anyone

    experience anything like this?
  12. by   EarthhAngel2013
    I a, taking patho, at CC, and the only time course they offered was a online course. I am SOOOOOOO Scared. I have a test this Wednesday and I am terrified. I am planning on using these study tips for the next test. Also would an NCLEX book help?
  13. by   mancrna
    I just found out I am accepted into Fairleigh Dickinson University and Drexel University for their one year accelerated BSN degree for second degree students. Can someone tell me what their thoughts are on which program is good and also what subjects in nursing school is the most difficult so that I can focus on studying them now? I heard pathophysiology and pharmacology are difficult. Thank YOU