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Hi, I am currently in nursing school with two semesters left (not counting the one I am currently in). I have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy about 4 years ago (before I even started nursing school). I have noticed that due to... Read More

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    I am not up on this subject very much, but I know some nurses who don't have this disorder and are dangerous, day shift and nights.

    You mentioned hoping for a night shift, but how does that help you? I, too, do much better working nights but does that mean you can stay awake/alert much better then?

    Also, if you are not able to get through clinicals or classes, seems it won't be long before it will start to hinder your progress. Please see your MD and try to fine-tune your treatment. It sounds as though you really have a struggle, and I feel for you.:redpinkhe

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    FOr those of you who feel the OP should not reveal her condition: What would you advise her to do if she is counseled/reprimanded on her inability to stay awake? What if her instructor feels it is a pattern? How does it look when the student only reveals it after the need arises? To me, it may look like you wanted to hide this, or now that there is an issue, you are coming up wih something. It's kind of like a student revealing they have a learning disability after they have failed a course (I swear, I've seen that).

    As far as physical exams as a prerequisite to nursing school, yes it does exist. The school needs to know (just like any employer needs to know) if there are any restrictions that may interfere with your ability to function just as any other nurse would. This does not mean that if you reveal something, that you will not be accepted. This is 2010, and most schools and employers are hip to the fact that you can't just deny soemone a position because of a disability, whether it be physical, psychological or otherwise. However, I know of a school (that obviously did not screen or interview) that admitted a blind student. i'm sorry, but a nurse cannot be blind. I don't care what anyone says. There are just some things that are beyond the reach of some people.

    And the drug test is to to screen you for drugs... another thing that they can and will do. And if the school doesn't require it, many clinical sites do.
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    duplicate post
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    My school doesn't require a physical, but we have to sign something saying we can lift 20 pounds, etc. Basically, I think it's that we can perform the requirements with "reasonable accomodations" (sorry, I don't know what exactly qualifies as "reasonable")

    We also had a background check and a drug test.

    Sorry, I didn't realize this thread is years old and I can't figure out how to delete my post!
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    Quote from jeyre1847
    Sorry, I didn't realize this thread is years old and I can't figure out how to delete my post!
    No its not. I just checked back, Nov 2010.

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