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Seriously studying for the NCLEX...

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    You have many choices in life - one of them is you can retake the NCLEX.

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    How many times you can retake the NCLEX?
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    You can have 3 retakes, then you are advised to get a refresher class. This is the FL Board of Nursing information. I am not sure in other states.
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    Thank you....
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    the firefighter look like he's trying to peek at a few study questions too!
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    I say, he isn't studying hard enough. Two papers and a computer? No books? What???

    Cute one.
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    This reminds me of an event in nursing school. We had been having a lot of fire drills at school and clinicals, so my classmates and I were getting pretty relaxed about hearing the bells. We were taking our pharmacology final when the alarm went off. Now, you have to understand our pharm. professor was hardcore. No leaving class or being late was tolerated during this class. You came to class with your homework done, sat down, and shut up. So, the fire alarm goes off. We all look up at each other and then over at our class president for direction. She looks at us, shrugs her shoulders, and says, "i don't know about you guys, but i'm not leaving until I finish my test.". We all kind of mumble our agreement and go back to our tests. A minute or two later, our professor flung the door open and yells at us to leave because the building was on fire, can't you all hear the fire alarm going off? Again, we hesitate because we all thinking, "is this some sort of test itself?". After a few seconds, she yells at us again to get out. By this time, the program director reaches our class and starts yelling at us to get out. So, we all get up and start to leave, when someone asks what we are supposed to do with the tests. Our program director yells at us to get the "H" out. So we file outside.Turns out a former student of another program had actually set a fire in another part of the building. Our professors and program director had a talk with us later about emergencies and the need for self preservation.

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