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:angryfire :uhoh3: :madface: So I bought my flipping white scrubs today that I have to wear to clinicals, and as Im checking out the dimples that are visible on my bum, (through the lovely white... Read More

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    Quote from moonischasingme1
    I ended up with something kind of boy cut, nude, and seamless from victoria's secret. They were sort of pricey though and once I tried them on when I got home, I can't decide if they're comfortable. The search continues...
    Your moniker and this subject together make me giggle.

    Whose moon is chasing you? Darn see-through white pants!!!! :spin:
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    We were *supposed* to get a specific uniform and lab coat, but I hated hated hated the pants so I bought another brand of white uniform pants and NOBODY NOTICED! Before I'd wear pants that didn't fit and had to be tugged at all clinical, I'd try to pass off some other pants. Just stick as close to the original as possible.

    Our tops had the school name, etc embroidered on them so they would have been harder to substitute...but I *did* get a different lab coat and had the same things embroidered on it at my expense.
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    Ahhhhh.....the joys of white scrubs. You could also try white legging type deal under the scrubs. They aren't called leggings, I forget the name of them but same type of material. In high school as a nursing student that's what I wore and they kept me warm and I could wear whatever color undies I wanted
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    Fortunately, our pants are ceil blue!!! However, I know that pantyhose (esp.control top) help eliminate sheerness and the look of cellubutt . Or maybe a pair of Spanx ( They are a spandex biker short type of an undergarmet that smooth you out and should make your undies "disappear" in your white uniform.
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    This thread is totally cracking me up!! Well we also have to wear white scrubs but it seems like the top will cover my butt mostly and not be too much of a problem. I bought two pair so far -- one from Mark's Work Wearhouse and one from Walmart. The one from MWW seem a lot more durable and heavier duty than the ones from Walmart. The Walmart ones are kind of "cuter" but I'm not sure how I will like them being so thin. One thing I did notice with the MWW ones is that the sizes are HUGE .. so it was a little nice to take a size smaller than normal.

    GL with those whites! I am thinking it's one of my rites of passage and when I get through to the other side I will be delivered from the whites for forever!!
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    Quote from todell80
    I read this thread last night, so when I went to Wal-Mart later, I decided to look for beige undies. They didn't have hardly any!!
    Oh man ITA! I went on the beige undies and bra search the other day and it was slightly challenging to say the least! I went several places in "the big city" on the weekend but Walmart in our own city yesterday. Anyway, I think the beige will be really good. I did find some packages of 5 or 6 panties (don't remember) and there were a couple of printed beige ones which I can wear for "normal" and a greater number of all-beige ones I can use with the uniform.

    Does anyone plan to wear an undershirt or camisol? I'm debating. I tried on my thinner scrub top only once and didn't really examine whether or not it would look better with something else. Do people tend to get hot or cold around the hospital?

    Just out of curiosity, what is everyone doing for socks? I bought some "scrub socks" at Mark's Work Wearhouse but not sure what they will be like.
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    I like the GAP BODY nude underwear, I wore them while I was in school and continue to wear them at work. You can catch a great sale, 5 for $20 dollars.
    Peaches brand uniform pants has great "no see thu" items available as well. Give them a try!
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    Well, I have found that the lovely white top we have to wear will be covering the majority of my "south side" which is nice since my only choice of undies for the last 15 years or so has been the thong. Butt to be on the safe side I think I will buy some beige boyshort undies. Im sure all those that might get a glimpse will be so glad.

    But I really do think that anyone that requires you to wear clothing that is see-thru should be prepared to deal with the consequences!!!

    One of my original ideas was to buy 7 pairs of unides that said "THURSDAY" accross the bum!!!!!
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    Quote from Kiren
    Fortunately, our pants are ceil blue!!! However, I know that pantyhose (esp.control top) help eliminate sheerness and the look of cellubutt . Or maybe a pair of Spanx ( They are a spandex biker short type of an undergarmet that smooth you out and should make your undies "disappear" in your white uniform.
    Support pantyhose will surely eliminate sheerness of white scrubs. Buy spanx-and they won't show, because they're footless! But I can't afford them. A pair of tennis socks on top of my pantyhose do the same job (hyde them)
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    I have to say that we have gotten lucky at my school. We get to wear wine colored pants with white tops. We are required to wear an undershirt because the tops are see thru. One bad thing is that we have been limited to just one brand, Landau. I hate the granny pants we got. They are the short in back and big in front. I feel like the waist of the pants is sitting just below my breast. would be better if they were a midrise waist. We do have a choice of pant styles though. The best are the lowrise, flairleg, cargo pant, but they just didnot have a size that was comfortable for me.
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    Made a HUGE decision today ... just kidding .. but I did take back my paper-thin Walmart scrubs .. since I have some better quality ones I can't see myself ever chosing to wear the thinner ones. I think I will be a lot happier getting a second set of the ones from Marks Work Wearhouse. We don't start clinicals for another few weeks.
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    I guess our school must have had this problem in the past and have since started requiring us to buy our uniforms from the same place. We now MUST order our uniforms from Nightingale. They come up and measure you so they're custom-fit. The uniform material is so much thicker than most of those that are out there too. While our uniforms are indeed the dreaded white zip up the front top, and white trousers, not one person was able to see that I had on bright red underwear the day of the uniform fitting. I did it as a trial! We also are required to purchase a white lab coat from Nightingale. All very thick and nice.