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I'm about to start a nursing program at Lanier Tech in the Atlanta area. I expected the school to give us a form about our general health and immunizations, but they are asking questions that don't seem to be pertinent to... Read More

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    I'm in an ADN program in Mississippi and we had to submit proof of a physical, and hemoglobin and hematocrit results, but no other specific info... especially nothing menses related! I cant even remember when I had my last period, much less my first!!

    This makes me really worried about what they will expect from you in the future... if they are already withholding info about things that are important to you and not communicating their intentions, what kooky stuff are they gonna do once you're in (and have paid tuition for) the program??
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    just a thought - Wouldn't alll of this be covered on the Health Exam Sheet to be completed by your MD ? with all of the paprework to be submitted between acceptance and starting the program? When you are having that exam, you could ask your MD to use "within normal range" - then on the other forms, "use see attached Physcial Exam" - 2 birds, one evasive stone! - then all the pw is done, and your private info is private
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    When I had my titers drawn I questiond them about asking me for copies of my Labs. I had the documentation from the Doctors office that I passed my titers and wondered why they still wanted to copy my Lab reports. Is that normal?
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    It appears they have copied my endocrinologists medical forms. He's forms read just like what you've posted. So, instead of making up their own entrance forms, they've simply copied some from a local physician. I completely agree that this is crossing the line. However, I also know how your name can get a bad rap before you even start the program. Pick your battles very carefully, for your own sake. You've exhausted your resources for this battle with the Dean and the Commission of Accreditation. It looks as if you will have to either go along with it or forget it all together. If becoming a nurse is important to you, then you might have to fold on this and turn in your papers with a smile. Please don't get me wrong...I completely see your point. However, I also see your not going to come out of this smelling like a rose and I don't want your instructors to pre-judge you....and they will. Best of luck.
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    Strange! Very Strange!

    Although, I do agree with some that have stated to just turn it in if you want to go there. Is it really worth all the trouble? Especially since it's the only school within driving distance?

    I only had to turn in a physical form that my doctor filled out stating I was fit enough to take part in the physical aspect of the program and an immunization record, as well as a separate form for proof of a flu shot because I had a clinical site that required a flu shot, or a face mast be worn from the student at all times. I figured getting the flu shot was the better option. LOL
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    At my school, for the RN program, we have to turn in a dental form, immunization history, and health assesment. I haven't seen the papers yet but when I went through school for CMA they made us turn in the immunizations and health assesment. It did include a GYN section and I think it listed all of those questions for the MD to sign but my PCP does not do my gyn stuff so they just marked through it and wrote not done uses GYN. I never took it to my GYN and I got accepted so I would leave it blank if it bothers you. I wouldn't care either way because I really don't see that they would be giving that info out anyway. I just thought it was normal and it states that they need all this info in our application packets so it is not a big surprise with this school.
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    Afterthought: How well have you actually looked into programs in your area? I noticed this college you have applied to is in Oakville, is it also not within driving distance to Gainsville? Aren't they close by?

    I am wondering if maybe you are so opposed to this, you might want to look at other programs. I find it hard to believe that there are absolutely no other nursing programs, especially in Gainsville.

    Here's a link from the GA BON that lists their approved RN programs within the state:

    and also a list of approved LPN programs:
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    Quote from malarwen
    Actually, it's not last menses. It's the first one and also if it's regular or irregular. About past pregnancies - how many, how many live births. I pasted parts of the forms in the thread.
    I just got off the phone with the commission on colleges and the person I talked to simply said, that he's sure that school would never put anything inappropriate in their forms. He said that he used to work there and he knows. He did not want to see the forms and he pretty much told me that i should consider another career.
    I officially hate Georgia now. There is just not help anywhere.
    I would call and speak with someone else and then send them a copy of the form you're being asked to fill out.

    I agree to pick your battles carefully, but honestly, if the school is behaving like this now over your protected health information....what else is going to come up down the road? They're crossing one line so it's not unreasonable to assume that they will cross other lines as well.
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    Wow that is a lot of info. We had to do a general physical, 5 panel wizz quiz, vaccinations, and titers.

    Your school should leave things like WBC, Hemotocrit, etc. between you and your doctor. Your doctor should tell your school that you are healthy and able to work, not the other way around. Geesh, I hope you get it resolved!
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