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  1. My classes start on 9/08. I do have a question for the rest of you though! have any of you started reading ahead? I only ask because we were advised to start reading ahead however I took A&P 2 over the summer (5 weeks of HELL but I made it) and now Im on vacation in Orlando till the 30th, and then my hubby and I are taking a four wheeling trip to Maine from 9/03 - 9/05 so That leaves little time to read. We planned these trips to celebrate my last two years of school and finally getting accepted to the program as well as our 4th wedding anniversary is next week 8/26 and we wanted to have some fun before nursing starts. I have all of my PRE and CO-REQS completed so all I have is my 7 credits of nursing for fall. Will I be OK??? Or should I buckle down on vacation and start reading? PLEASE let me know what you all think!!!
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  3. by   Despareux
    We were given a list of required readings we need to read and know from our required books BEFORE class starts. So hopefully the bookstore will have everything we need the two weeks prior to class starting.

    So if you have your books and were advised to start reading, I would jump on it.
  4. by   ruaalien2
    We have a lot of stuff that we were told to have read by the first day of class. My boyfriend is taking me away Sept 2-4th and I plan on starting all the reading on Monday. I start Sept 13th and I'm a pretty fast reader so I should have everything read and outlined without a problem.
  5. by   ~PedsRN~
    You should be fine to read up for that first day when you get back from vacation. If you read too much you'll just go nuts and forget everything anyway.
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    Since classes start so soon, just concentrate on preparing for the first day or two of classes. We should all already be in the habit of reviewing the material before class, right? Anything extra you get done is a bonus.

    I know some people who have read every textbook cover to cover already, and some who still haven't bought them. It all depends on your personal study style, I suppose. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

    Either way, don't be hard on yourself. Don't go in on the first day already over-stressed. There will be plenty of that to come.
  7. by   NursingStudent87
    Thanks all for the advice.... Im going to enjoy my vacation and then read, read, read for three days when I get back home before the next trip... I'll also have 2 days just before classes start to get some reading in! I'll prepare for the first couple of classes... So hopefully that will put me in a good position. Thanks Again All and good luck in nursing school