1. I am in my second year of college can I am trying to finish all my pre reqs to get into nursing school. I took psychology, socialogy, pre-calc, stats, nutrition, english 101, lifespan and development, communication, bio-medical ethics. what other classes do i have to take?
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  3. by   ashleyisawesome
    it all depends on your school. try going on the website for the school your interested in, go to programs, click on nursing, and click on curriculum. you could also call an academic advisor at the school(s) youre interested in and ask.. different schools have different requirements, but i can tell you now you will need some kind of anatomy and physiology class, microbiology, and maybe chemistry among other things.
  4. by   persaud86
    its not wise to take any of these classes online right?
  5. by   ashleyisawesome
    it depends what kind of learner you are. i wouldnt because i hate online classes, but if you dont mind them it would be an option. however, most science classes require a lab at least once a week that youd probably have to go in for,, s the book work would be online but the lab stuff would most likely have to be on a campus.
  6. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    See your academic adviser regarding what you need. Some classes you can take online. I did a few but found I preferred to sit in a lecture so I could take notes and ask questions.
  7. by   jesskidding
    You need to check the requirements for the school or school's you are interested in. Most of the requirements are different at each school. It sounds like you are on the right track though.

    What about A&P I and II? Abnormal Psych, Microbiology, Chem, and electives?

    I took all my pre-req classes online. School's don't care if you took it online or not. Just as long as it is an accredited school, transfers, and you passed. If you have a chance to take a course online I would.