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Hello everyone! I am new here. I just want to know how it is like to work at a long term care facility. I will be doing my preceptorship there and I want some insights on how its like to work there. Thanks! Jem... Read More

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    Work at the nursing home is tedious but is also very rewarding because it is an underserved area within nursing, a lot of good can be done for the patients. I personally love working with the elderly. Each has a story to tell if you are willing to stop and listen. Clinicals and preceptorships are what you make it, take advantage of every opertunity! Good luck!

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    Okay..I have started working at LTC. At first, i thought that it was easy since all you have to do is give medications, documents, perform some vital signs when needed and assist some of the staffs. But when i found out that my preceptor has 45 residents to handle. OMG i was overwhlemed. She has been working there for a year now so she knows every resident including their medications and preference. The LTC has alot of italian residents and my preceptor knows some words so it's a bit easy for her to communicate. She's not italian btw. Right now im still in orientation stage, meaning following her around all the time and getting to know the residents and the routine. Now, im thinking of ways or things to suggest my preceptor so i can learn without being too overwhelmed with the number of residents once i start getting onto the real business. Any suggestions u can give me?
    It is also my preceptor's first time to become a preceptor that is why I wanted to make some suggestions to her.

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