Precepting and graduation

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    I am in my last term in nursing school....yay!!! I am curious about the required hours that other students must complete to graduate. I need 96 hours of precepting time over 2 1/2 weeks. We also get about 5 weeks of management (didn't calculate the hrs).

    What does your program require for graduation?

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    Yeah - Congrats on the the end!! Ours is 40 hours total in 2 weeks. But mostshift now around me are 12 hours, so we will really be doing 48 hours, as we cannot just split it for the hours we need. It somehow will all work out!! 8 more weeks for me!! Congrats - YOu can do it!
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    I'm just starting my last term too - yeah! We have 180 hours of precepting - works out to about 2 12-hour-shifts a week for 8 weeks. I'm going to be in the ER - can't wait! :-)
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    We had 40 hours of clinicals as a group in the beginning of the semester and then we have 120 hours of precepting in 7 weeks. Finished last friday woo hooo!!!
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    We have 160 hours to complete in 5 weeks. I will start mine next fall. It is going to be a crazy time between that and the other courses we are still required to take. Congrats on almost being done.
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    I start my preceptorship in november and it is 80 hours...I hope to be done in two and a half weeks then I will have 7 weeks to review for the NCLEX.
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    We have 144hours of acute care and 60hours of criticalcare(ER/ICU). I have 5 more shifts and will be done. I can't wait to finish

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