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Orientation is in 17 days. August 10th I get to meet all my fellow nursing school classmates and the instructors. I have waited for this so long. I have spent over a year doing all the pre-requisite... Read More

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    congratulations on your acceptance... i recently graduated (Dec) and I remember feeling the same exact way you do..the waiting, the anticpation of waiting on that acceptance letter.. finally receiving it, and wanted to jump start right away on reading, planning family time while working full time...oh what joy .... i will say those 2 1/2 years FLEW by.. i cant believe I am an RN... good luck and please keep us posted!
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    Congratulations on acceptance to nursing school. I am an LVN, and will graduate with my BSN in 6 days ! It has been a wonderfully, grueling experience. I have just a bit of advice for all the new nursing students:
    Do not get behind or procrastinate. Keep a planner and write down every class, assignment (posted and due dates). Iphone calendar is wonderful for this!
    When you study, the more times you see/hear material, the better you retain it. Review before lecture, take notes, then wait a day and review it again.
    NEVER be afraid to ask a question, it could be the one that saves yours or someone else's patient.
    Simulation labs are the bomb. It is the one place where a mistake is only a learning experience. Take the time to get it right, a person may get the new skill in the first try, or it may take 5. If you do well ask your fellow classmates if they want help.
    Always be willing to help your nurse preceptor with a smile, even if you dont feel like smiling. Always let your nurse know you want to do new skills, and repeat ones you have done. Do not rush in clinicals. Accidents/Errors happen when you rush.
    Have a positive attitude, it reflects on your work. You can choose to make every day in nursing school a good day. Be happy, enjoy the learning experiences you are going to get.
    For those of you with small children. Take time every day with your kiddos, they grow soooo fast. A supportive spouse is paramount to success. Before school starts get a date night in with your honey. Remind them they are KEY to your success. If you dont have a spouse or significant other, while being harder YOU CAN Do it ! structure, and scheduling keep focused.
    Remember to take some "you" time when you can.
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    Nice article! I've visited Oslo, Norway! I loved it! The people were so nice, the snow was so fluffy, I miss it!

    Good luck to you
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    Great article. I also start nursing school next month. Orientation is Aug 17 and class starts Aug 22. I have so many things running through my mind from being nervous, anxious, and excited. I've bought most of my supplies and read through books now I'm just trying to relax a bit before it all begins. Congratulations to all of us starting nursing school!!!
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    Congrats to you as well!!! So happy to see the sccess stories.
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    my plan is to go for my bsn after nursing school (i know, i'm a perpetual student... what can i say? i'm a dork, and i'm ok with that!). thank you for the advice and words of encouragement, 1gindragon2. congratulations on your graduation in just a few more days. how excited and releived you must be!!
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    @oknurse2be.. This is EXACTLY how I feel now!! Wow. Your selection of words is incredible .. You should start makin YouTube videos