Praise God...I Passed

  1. I have been praying that I could post good news......well I just got my final grades From my 1st semester in nursing school.

    Fundamentals B

    Concepts in Nursing B

    Clinicals A

    I pray all passed my husband is taking me out to dinner tonight........I have to give God all the glory.........he is the one who made is all possible:spin:
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  3. by   TheCommuter

    :d :smiley_aa
  4. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
  5. by   angstudentnurse
    Great job!
  6. by   nurz2be

    treat yourself well on your break and good luck with your next set of classes.
  7. by   madascanbeRNtobe
  8. by   Cynders
  9. by   fmrnicumom
    Congratuations! Enjoy your celebratory dinner!

  10. by   MissJS
    That's HUGE! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
  11. by   User123456
    awsome congratulations!!!!