Possible to take extra class per semester at another school during nursing program?

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    I am entering into the nursing program in Fall 2014, but I plan on attending medical school after I get my BSN. The prerequisites for med school is not fully covered by nursing. I will need Chem 2, Organic Chem 1 and 2, and Physics 1 and 2. My question is is that I would like to take one of these classes each semester at a community college during my nursing program instead of another year and a half of school after I graduate. I was wondering how possible/impossible it would be to tack on another class? Thanks in advance for the replies!

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    I think that's a terrible idea. Do you have summers off? If so, take those classes then.
    Why not major in chem or bio then go straight to med school? Just wondering...
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    I only say it's a terrible idea because nursing school is ALOT. It's not "hard," it's just ALOT of content in a small window of time. So adding a class on top of those isn't a good idea. Especially if you need a high GPA for med school.
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    What I don't understand is why you think that nursing school is on the same continuum as medical school. If you want to be a nurse, you take the prerequisites for and go to nursing school. If you want to be a physician, you take the prerequisites for and go to medical school. What am I missing here? Surely you don't think you'll be able to work as an RN for $$ while you slog through medical school ...
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    Yea that's why I asked why doesn't she just so the pre reqs for med school? Way diff!
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    I am as confused as everyone else. I see no benefit to earning a BSN just to turn around and enter med school the next semester. The BSN without a few years experience as a practicing RN will not give you a leg up on getting into med school if that is what you are thinking.
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    Depends on the school, a lot of schools will not allow you to attend another institution while enrolled except during summer classes. I think some people can pull off taking all those classes at once, and some can't. As a side note, you might have a better entrance chance at med school with a biology or chemistry degree. Not saying you can't get in with a BSN but it seems first choice usually goes to the other science majors.
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    I would agree with everyone above. Why don't you just take the prereqs for medical school and go there instead of nursing. Nursing is way different than being a physician, I would do one or the other they don't really mix when it comes to schooling and careers
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    No you have to major in bio, bio chem, chem, organic chem to get into a med school. A BSN in nursing doesn't equal any of those. You'd be in school for a LONG TIME.
    ... I think people just need to do their research honestly. I think they like the idea of being a nurse then a doctor cause it sounds like a "stepping stone."
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    I decided to go into nursing and then medical school because I will have medical knowledge when entering and if I don't ever get in then at least I will have a career. Biology and Chemistry aren't known for their well paying jobs.

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