Pinning Ceremony Songs - page 2

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So we're finally planning our pinning ceremony! We picked an instructor to speak, nominated a student, talked about ordering pins, and so on, but we have to pick a song for our entrance and a song for our exit! So I'm on here... Read More

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    Not sure what kinda of music you are into...but there is a song call "I was here" by Lady Antebellum. Its very good, they used it at my nursing school last year.
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    Baba O'Riley by The Who
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    Or possibly the "we don't need no education" song by pink floyd
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    Quote from tashacorinne
    I can just see the shock on families faces! Hahahaha
    Thank you. I'm in my last semester of Nursing school and I finally hit the wall.

    Done in May though!
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    "ain't no stopping us now" by McFadden and Whitehead
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    The Final Countdown by Europe
    Teardrop by Massive Attack (theme to House)
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    Pink Floyd's "Another brick in the wall". I would love to leave listening to the lyrics of, "Hey, Teacher, leave them kids alone"!
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