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    I can't tell you how happy I am to join you. Beause I just started going to nursing school I have a lot of things I don't understand anyway I have questins and i need help. I was asked to submit an assignment on patient teaching plan.I am a student my self and don't know enough about nursing...I mean this is my first semester and our instructor is full of surprises.I don't know what to do so please Help me understand what a patient teaching plan (if there is any standard...) is and explain what the plan constitute ...or what issues i need to adress.
    Thank you
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  3. by   Nursetastic
    Teaching plans are the bane of my existence right fact that is what I'm doing at this very moment. I'm first semester as well. Remember the learning styles...visual, audiory, kinesthetic and pick one to use. Your objectives will be based on the desired outcome. To choose the desired outcome ask yourself: What are you teaching? Why are you teaching it? Remember that at this phase we are only going to have the knowledge and confidence to teach the basics. Don't make the information any harder that what you understand or you may not be able to answer questions adequately. Are you making a visual aid? Use google to pick some images to add and keep your written material short. Surprise instructors are everywhere! We have a couple of those at my school too. I'm thankful my CI is patient and willing to help us learn since that is who we turn our care plans and teaching plans in to.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Daytonite
    when i was in my bsn program there was actually a small textbook that we had on teaching that had this information in it, but is long gone from my personally library (lost in a flood). however, many instructors give you their written teaching plan for their college class you are taking that pretty much follows the format for a formal teaching plan. a written teaching plan goes something like this:
    1. overview: a synopsis about what is going to be taught in the course
    2. goal(s): the aim(s) or outcome(s) that you want your learner to achieve as a result of the lesson you plan
    3. objectives: the more specific information that the learner will come away from the course knowing that will achieve the goal(s) you have determined.
    4. content: a play-by-play of the specific content that is going to be taught and in the sequence it will happen. your content should address and cover all the objectives. this part of the written lesson plan is presented in an outline format.
    5. procedures and materials: how all the above will be achieved, i.e. lecture, demonstration, discussion, etc. materials that can be used and resources that can be needed for the lesson to be successful and essential to teaching your lesson plan are listed and may include demonstrations, audio-visuals, handouts, experiments, stories, game playing and any number of other creative items.
    6. evaluation: determining if you met the goals of the teaching plan. this can be done through a return demonstration, short post test, short question and return answer session with the client to verify they understand the information correctly or a task the participant needs to perform.
    if you look at it, it has some of the elements of a care plan (goals, interventions, execution and evaluation). what is different is that you actually lay out how a list of how you are going to do the teaching, kind of like a nursing procedure is laid out step-by-step for you.

    what is great today about patient teaching is that there is so much consumer teaching on the internet. you should be able to find just about anything you want to teach to a patient on the internet that you can download and use as a handout for your project. most large hospitals and insurance companies have these consumer teaching webpages. look at a few to get some ideas on what subject you can teach. let me warn you, however, that you will need to do more research on the subject you choose than what you see on the consumer sites. what is presented to the consumer (lay public) is a simplified version. and, you are in school to learn, so do a subject that interests you and that you can also learn something about yourself.
  5. by   mspontiac
    Thank you so much for posting this info regarding teaching plans. I have read in my textbooks about "Assess, diagnose, etc..." and I understand that much of it, but I was stuck on exactly HOW to do that. Your posts laid it out in a very understandable, hands-on fashion.