Paper on maggot therapy

  1. For my research course, I have to find ten peer reviewed articles within the last five years based on a research topic. I decided to do my literature review on maggot therapy. I already tried CINAHL, MEDLINE,PUBMED, and even google scholar. Where else can i look? I'm trying to find some qualitative studies that have been done
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    Web of knowledge and OVID work well too. What are you using for search strings?
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    I just completed a CINAHL search using the following: "maggot "or" larval "and" therapy. Limiting publication date to 2007 to 2012 returned 46 results.

    I think you are going to have difficulty finding qualitative research on this topic, even though adding the fourth search term qualitative research returned 13 results. I only reviewed two of these abstracts, however they didn't seem to be qualitative research. Good luck with your assignment.
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    I just found this and I realize that it is too late to help this student but perhaps this will help others. I am working on my research class and have a topic on MDT myself. I found a good qualitative article on patient reactions. It will only help for a 5 year age limit for a few months. If this is too old try looking into the references pages of what you do find. You may end up finding an article you need or a search strain that gets you there.

    Spilsbury, K., Cullum, N., Dumville, J., O'Meara, S., Petherick, E., & Thompson, C. (2008, June 1). Exploring patient perceptions of larval therapy as a potential treatment for venous leg ulceration. Health Expectations, 11(2), 148 - 159, doi: 10.1111/j.1369-7625.2008.00491.x

    If you have ebsco host I liked to it at: