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So, I hit the big 4-0 in April and am starting an ADN program in the fall. I have a BA and MEd. I considered just sticking with education and even taught a college course this past winter. I'm just not sure what to focus on in... Read More

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    Quote from laski
    Cost and location were an issue. The college I am going to is local and has a great reputation with surrounding hospitals. I will likely pay less than $12k for entire program, which I think is great!

    I'm also considering the RN to MSN program at Ohio University when I'm done. With the BA and MEd I already have, I will just have to take the BSN nursing coursework to officially be in the program.
    That's my plan, as well. I'm doing an ADN because the college is only a few minutes away and cost is a huge factor when you aren't a first timer and they shut down that financial aid! Then I'm looking at South Alabama and Drexel's RN-MSN programs afterward. It'll take a year longer than the BSN, but I'll literally be saving thousands of dollars and miles of driving. All important things when you have a family to manage, as well!
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    I think the best thing for you to do would be to organize your non-school responsibilities into a system that will be easy to live with. At your age, you are probably emotionally prepared to handle nursing school in ways that younger students may not have had the chance to be. You already have done what you can to make your program as part time as you can make it, which benefits your children. Good luck and best wishes on your journey to becoming a nurse!

    I am 37 and will begin my five-semester BSN program in two months; it is over when I'm 39. I have a 6 year old daughter, but thankfully I have a very supportive husband who cooks. Just because we're a bit older doesn't mean that we can't do it!
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    I just finished an ADN program, I'm 31 and have a 4 year old at home. About 1/2 of my classmates were between their 30's-40's, and there were a few in their fifties. The best advice that I got before starting was to have a plan A, plan B, plan C, and plan D for childcare. Nursing school is so much more difficult, time management-wise, than I expected. All my relationships suffered, but my child probably had it the worst in terms of change and losing one-on-one time. Definitely get your affairs in order and make sure you have a handful of people who can step in and take care of your children, even if you have a spouse, they won't always be able to miss work when you have crazy clinical hours and clinical prep work that takes 10 hours to complete the night before your shift.
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    My Aunt had always wanted to be a nurse since she was little, but after graduating high school she married and worked as a housewife, raising her 5 kids. After her last child left the house for good she decided she still had the desire to be a nurse and she started her first college course at age 50. She graduated 4 years later as an RN/BSN. She worked in Nursing for 12 years before retiring. She still says that she wouldn't trade anything for years she spent as a nurse.

    She was my main source of inspiration when I started nursing school at age 36.

    It's cliche but true. You don't choose nursing, nursing chooses you. You are one of the chosen.

    Best of luck!!
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    I'm 34 & I'm doing my preq's. I plan on enrolling in 2013 Fall session by the time I'm 40 I will have my BSN-RN. To be honest I hope I have my masters. I have 4 little ones 15,12,10,& 2 therefore I am super busy. I'm still molding my hubby for my transition into nursing school. He wants me to be a nurse, but he doesn't pick up the slack of the household chores & directing the kids. So I have 1 yr. to get him together as well as my kids (the older ones) I pray everything falls in place. Good luck to you. & you can do it age ain't nothing but a number.
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    Happy 40th! I graduated nursing school @ 41. Been working for 4 years and going for BSN @ 45. Most of my classmates were the early to mid 30s and over. You'll be surprised to see how many older adults are in your class. Nursing is very popular as a 2nd career in life. Absolutely luv the 3 day work week in my 40s!! Good Luck in your new venture!
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    I've been an RN for almost a year now. I have my BSN, I will be 48 in 2 weeks. I also have a Bachelor's in psychology that I obtained in 2003, just wasn't my cup of tea so to speak. I don't regret going back to school in my 40's at all. As a matter of fact, I'm hoping to start a Nurse practitioner program fall of 2013, which will make me about 51 or so when I graduate. I feel you are always going to be aging so never ever stop dreaming. It is great to have goals, I'm sure you're an inspiration to those around you. I also have 2 children, currently they are 14 and almost 15, they were my biggest supporters! I won't lie nursing school was the toughest thing I have EVER done hands down. I learned so much and worked my butt off too. I also had a job during school so I was always coming and going, I also have a very supportive husband, I thank God for him everyday. I tried my best to do a great deal of my studying when the kids went to bed, or when I had a bathroom break, lol, gross I know but I had books all over the house. I studied at school a lot too, often forming studying groups. I asked a lot of questions and looked up a lot of evidence based practice stuff! I still do this to this day. You never stop learning when you are a nurse, you can't just memorize things for an exam you need to remember it FOREVER. I've learned so much this past year, school taught me the basics, working as an RN is teaching me so much more than school ever could. Good luck in this adventure hang on tight for the ride of your life, stay focused and above all eat right and get plenty of sleep.

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