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Hi Everybody! I have orientation for the nursing program tomorrow and silly though it may be, I am soooooo excited! Anyone else have orientation coming up? Anyone else excited like me?!?... Read More

  1. by   I am that I am
    August 24th here
  2. by   IUstudent
    i have mine next month!! i am very excitedd!
  3. by   princsheather
    Mine isn't until August 18th Can't pick up books or clinical gear until August 15th And don't have BLS class until August 16th

    I'm so ready and excited it is driving me nuts!!!
  4. by   Piper17
    I have mine August 11th, and I am just as excited as you all!! I can't wait to hear everything they have to say and start the program...and order all the fun stuff!!
  5. by   JBudd
    So, how did it go?

    Welcome and welcome again! I always love the energy and enthusiasm of new students.
  6. by   Nscorpiored
    I wish mine was this month so I can get it out of the way...mine isn't until next month the 17th and 18th and runs all day....well at least they are giving us breakfast and lunch
  7. by   RedChair
    Well I survived! jk
    They went over a little bit about everything. Found out when we do background check, drug test, what to bring to first day of class. What CPR class to take, that our syllabus also can double as a pillow or back rest ( it is huge and thick!!) That we can not wear long sleeves!?! and I swear I always freeze to death so that should be fun!
    What to expect during registration and some tips on how to suceed= use multiple sources, study groups, befriend the smart people! etc.... Congrats to all who are starting this year! and thanks for the welcome. I know the "new" will wearoff soon, but for now I am going to enjoy it! Can't wait to get started/Can't wait to be done!!!
  8. by   mommywithplenty
    I went to not that was given for people unsure if they wanted to go into that program but got excepted( just before we needed to except the college offer). We have our orientation in sept, the day before class starts...