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Nursing student survival tips - page 4

Many will be starting nursing school for the first time this year. Do you have any tips to share? Macaroni and cheese and hot sauce?? Yikes! Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share... Read More

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    Wish you good luck!
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    Hello I am new to this forum and I am wanting to get into the nursing field after doing factory work my whole life I feel that this is a better personal satisfaction to be able to help people I plan on going to school in 2015 and I was curious if anyone can give me some advice of what I could start studying to get a good head start anything would be helpful thank you

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    Study pharmacology, and anatomy. Learn different bones, medical terminology is usually one of the 1st classes you take. Hope this helps. And you'll have to learn how to study & remember things.Don't stress just work hard & you'll do fine...
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    This is so funny, because tonight as I was trying to budget how to pay for books and uniforms etc for school ( I start in the fall) I made mac and cheese for dinner. Lol I looked at my fiance and said "Psshhh, you better get used to it..." This is now officially our "go-to" dinner from here on out. Your choices are either this, cereal, or a pb&j sandwich. lol
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    Quote from nrsdolphin
    After going thru LPN and ADN, all I can say is hang in there. There will be days you will swear you can't go on and can't go another night without sleep, you'll never understand the difference between cc and ml or how many drops per minute for each drop factor, and can't remember all those symptoms. You will and you will become stronger and a better person and nurse for it. Good luck. BTW, I start in the fall for my BSN. I'm 54 and got my LPN at 28, my RN at 47. So, GO FOR THE GOLD.
    youre amazing!
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    Thank you for the advice from the bottom of my heart. I am starting the After Degree nursing program this fall and I have been reading through the site, hoping to glean as much useful tips as I can. I have three children, all under 10 years and getting a suitable daycare for my soon to be 3 years old son is top on the list of to-do things before school begins in September.
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    Quote from loveoverpride
    This is so funny, because tonight as I was trying to budget how to pay for books and uniforms etc for school ( I start in the fall) I made mac and cheese for dinner. Lol I looked at my fiance and said "Psshhh, you better get used to it..." This is now officially our "go-to" dinner from here on out. Your choices are either this, cereal, or a pb&j sandwich. lol
    I am just now going back to school, haven't entered a nursing program yet but just enrolled for a full class load. I have put off going back to school because I know it is going to be very time consuming, and with a husband, house, all of my animals and other things going on, I'm already very busy... so, I am cutting down my horse herd, and coming up with good meals that can be prepared or mostly prepared ahead of time. Rachel Ray has a lot of good recipes and tips on make ahead meals. One meal that my hubby is particularly happy to eat day after day is grilled chicken & vegetables- I cook enough chicken for several days, and freeze some of it so it'll still be fresh later in the week. At supper time, just gotta heat up the chicken & some canned or frozen veggies, and dinner is done! Another good friend of mine is a crock pot- I've been using crock pots for years, they are especially nice when you have to leave early and know you won't be home til late late late... you get to walk in the door to a yummy smelling supper! "Fix it and forget it" cookbooks have very good recipes, just always remember to put your crock pot on low even if the recipe calls for high!!! (only use "high" if you're going to be eating within 4-6 hours, or someone else can run by your house to turn the crock pot off) You can make soups, stews, baked stuffed peppers, chicken & rice, even cakes & other desserts in a crock pot... my best friend ever!!!
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    Quote from Paco-RN
    No way! I'll be inhaling better stuff going forward
    Croque Monsieurs instead of cheese sandwiches maybe?
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    Congratulations! That's what I keep telling my boyfriend. "I'm broke now, but one of these days..."
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    Stay organized. Study a little everyday. Don't wait until the last semester to do nclex questions (the rationales help you with studying).
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    Ask questions!!! We get a lot of students where I work and often times I see them standing against the wall with their eyes as big as saucers like deer in headlights. I remember that feeling but it's important that you cultivate your nursing experience and be proactive in finding answers. I have begun to take the students aside for a couple of min. to explain a few things that they might hear but not understand. It makes a big difference as I know that a busy staff seems difficult to approach, but it's an important lesson to learn about nursing in general. If a patient asks me a question or has a problem I am not familiar with I have to do everything I can to find the answers. Same for students.
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    I'm only about to go into my third quarter but I have learned a few handy things to get me by:

    1) Clif Bars (especially the Mint/Chocolate Brownie one with the added caffeine) and a bottle of water with some Emergen-C packets mixed in make the most of your break time in clinical.

    2) Sleep is most important.

    3) Do not get hung up on trying to learn every little detail because that's not what this is about. Critical thinking is what it's about!!!!!

    4) The brain book Nurse Nacole talks about on her blog has helped me SOOOO much in my last clinical that I will never stop using it.

    5) If you don't understand something, look it up. If you are curious about something that you may not have covered yet, look it up. When you do cover it, your brain is like, "Hey, I remember this!" and you gain a deeper understanding and the advantage of repetition of the concept, putting you further ahead -- plus, you're less likely to forget it than if you wait around to learn it in lecture.