Nursing student stereotypes

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  2. Before you started school what did you think it was going to be like? Did you think it was going to be harder or easier? What do your friends/family think of nursing students?

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  4. by   ArrowRN
    Sleep? if I was working (which I am not) I'd probably have a nursing book in my hand and studying while I work....

    P.S What friends and Family??? lol
  5. by   Nurse2BeInGA
    Instead of counting sheep, I think I quote the skeletal system or something. I know I must dream about it.
  6. by   Aviationurse
    While doing agency work nights in the psych unit in a hospital....I asked the charge nurse "How come the cna is coming to work with a giant suitcase"? ...."Is she going overseas?"..... I learned later that the CNA had with her all of her nursing books in the giant suitcase...By 12 am .... she magically told the charge nurse that her vital signs for 6 am all done and that she was going to study " All Night"....