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LOL. Is this you? I imagine nursing school makes everyone nervous. How nervous were you when you started school? Are you still nervous today? Please describe your day to other students. You may... Read More

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    I am so glad I'm not the only one that gets anxious about nursing school! I remember being so excited to start in the winter of 2011 and those emotions quickly turned to anxiety. I loved being in class and learning about patho and pharmacology, but I wouldn't sleep the night before clinicals and I couldn't eat the day I had skills test-outs because it was so nerve-racking! I'm entering my final year in August and I must say, although I still feel a twinge of nervousness walking into the hospital for clinic, it goes away after a few minutes of being on the floor. Doing injections in front of my teacher will always make me a little shaky, but hey, everyone, INCLUDING instructors, was in our shoes once! It gets better!
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    Quote from wendyyvonne
    I never felt "comfortable" in nursing school, from which I graduated in April of this year. I never felt "safe." Till the last day of clinicals, there was always this impending sense of doom and dread, that I might just not make it. Nursing school is an anxiety-ridden endeavor, at best. The pressure is intense. I thank God that my prelicensure nursing school days are over!
    Anyone with any sense feels that way about any degree program (not to that extreme though, thank God). When I was preparing to graduate with my first degree in 2011 there was always that little niggling fear that the Registrar was going to call me into her office and tell me that I wasn't going to graduate because______________(pick your reason, I imagined all of them).
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    I wouldn't wish nursing school on Satan's dead cat. I really hated nursing school. I love being a nurse and I'm more than a little resentful at feeling forced to return to school for a BSN.
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    I wasn't nervous as much as excited. I knew this was what I wanted and was ready to get on with it! However, as this year has progressed and the classes have become more difficult, I find myself extremely nervous and agitated at times...except during clinicals! I LOVE my clinicals!
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    I just started two days ago and the day before I started I swear I thought I was coming down with the flu!! I ached, lost all appetite and just want hide and never come out. Now, I'm excited to see what the next weeks to come hold for me and my classmates. I just look forward to joining the workforce as a proud nurse!
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    Just started nursing school and I'm already too peices. Worrying myself to death over every little thing. I knew this was coming but not so soon. Does anyone have any advice? Looking for some positive words!
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    if you really like the course that u get, why FEEL NERVOUS
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    I just got into an ADN program that starts in February. When I got the acceptance email a couple weeks ago I screamed...I was in public and I terrified everyone around me hahaha!!! But since then I've been super anxious and nervous and rushing to get all the leg work done in time. I am always anxious and worried when it cones to school and I always wonder if I did everything I could to get the grade I far it's worked out for me, I had a 4.0 in all my science core prerequisites when I applied for the program.

    So now I always say, if you're not worried then you're not doing it right!!!
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    I recently started my BSN program and at first I was overwhelmed. I actually got very sick with colitis from the stress which triggered it. I was in and out of hospitals and ER's. I even missed my first lab! I eventually got better and I learned how to cope with it and be organized and stay on top of things. I passed all of my classes and this semester I start clinicals. I am very excited but nursing school always makes me nervous. Attending a clinical, taking an exam, or starting a new class. It never fails to stress me out.

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