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Nursing programs that are taught in Spanish

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    My girlfriend is a naturalized citizen of the United States. She works as a CNA and would like to pursue a career in nursing. She does speak and write English on an intermediate level, but not quite well enough to attend a nursing program taught in English.
    My question is this: Are there any nursing programs in the USA or it territories that offer the program in Spanish?
    I am assuming that I could find such a class in Puerto Rico, but I am hoping to find something stateside.
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    You probably will not find them stateside....I suggest that your find try a stateside school....endorsing to the US isn't easy and requires competency exams .......they will have to test in English on the boards. It is extremely difficult for IEN in some states to be approved to sit for the NCLEX.

    I wish your friend the best.
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    Since the NCLEX and nursing books are in ENglish, I think enrolling in English classes might be the best idea.
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    I would guess Puerto Rico is the only area where you might find this but, as others have said, NCLEX is in English and to work stateside, you'd need to be able to speak, read and write English.