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I am a first semester nursing student just admitted and im struggling to hold on for dear life right now.... At my 2 year the professors are more focused on retirement planning. And... Read More

  1. by   quiksilverkn12
    Hi My nursing school is the same. B+ starts at 92%

    Here is my advice. Read the book. Expect long studying hours. Form good productive studying groups. Try to make your own rationales together. See how others think and their opinions. There are more than one right rationale. Get interested with the subject along with your peers. Nurses work together, student nurses work together. Try it.
  2. by   mttzakr87
    I've done literarly everything possible, through excessive reading and studying and practice nclex questions but still stuck in mediocrity....and i am passing but its frustrating that I work that hard and get C's? I was in Rad tech school for 2 semesters first and I was aceing exams, and I switched because I was intrigued by nursing and its flexibility and security.... and in nursing school its no matter what i do? it doesnt matter?

    The grading scale really doesnt bother me as much as my exam struggles, especially since C= RN......that does kind of bug me though because what if you want to go get an FNP someday? wont having straight C's in nursing classes but A's in other classes and field experience still hurt you ???? Anyone know the answer to that??

    My ultimate goal would have been a RPA (if i stayed on the Rad tech track) or an FNP, which in nursing seems out of the question for me with these theory classes i struggle with...... Now im thinking and thinking cautiously if backtracking to Rad Tech where i was successful will be good, because i just dont think im cut out for RN school?
  3. by   quiksilverkn12
    are you taking fundamentals of nursing?
  4. by   mttzakr87
    fundamentals of nursinf 4crs and health assessment .... and from there my program is setup just a theory and a clinical for the next two semesters and then last semester is pharmacology and theory and clinical
  5. by   Despareux
    Fundamentals was not my cup of tea. I over-analyzed everything, read each chapter 3 times, and used the cd that came with my book. I also drew out concepts that I had a difficult time understanding. For me, fundamentals was pure hell--gives me chills just thinking about it.

    By the time I entered my med/surg (2nd quarter), I was so discouraged because of how much studying I was doing, but my grades stayed in the B- to B+ range. So I stopped reading all those chapters, used my powerpoints as a guide instead. I made flash cards for each slide and would only read if there was something I did not quite understand. This different method didn't improve my grades, but I was able to understand concepts better AND I had extra time to hang out with my family.

    As you progress through school, putting those "puzzle pieces" together becomes much easier. I was told during my first quarter, by an upper class-man that, we would all eventually get to a point where we will know what we need to actually study for our exams; studying for everything will be a thing of the past. And you know, she was right.

    We have to have an 84% (B-) to pass classes. Prior to my acceptance into my program, I had all A's. Our school is very competitive and so, most of the fundamental students still hold on to that competitiveness and become upset if they're not getting A's on every exam or paper. I've come to terms with the fact that I will never get all A's in nursing school. It doesn't mean I'm stupid; it just means that nursing school presents different types of challenges that are not always compatible with my personal life, which is why having the appropriate amount of support is priceless.

    My advice to you is stop worrying about your grades; they are what they are. If you don't have a CNA background or some other medical background, then fundamentals may be more challenging. That's okay. Go to lab to practice your skill technique as often as you can. Maybe you need to brush up on your pathophysiology or A&P to make those fundamental connections. I basically had to relearn A&P and patho my first two quarters, so that was even more studying on top of nursing school stuff. Make sure you're getting sleep. If you're studying while your head is rolling all over the place, then you're not retaining anything. Drink lots of water and eat to feed your brain (think glucose) while studying.

    I hope that helps.
  6. by   VioletKaliLPN
    yes, i read everything, and yes it does help. i did retain the the info i read, most of it, i am a reader by nature. i love reading. i do not believe i am doing myself a disservice by being a nurse, i am a nurse now, because i definitely do not want to be a doctor.

    i read everything. i read in a quiet room with classical music. i literally read everyday after school from 2-3 until 9 pm when it was bed time. home cooked meals went "bye bye", my house cleaning was lacking, but i made a's and b's in nursing school.

    read the "bubbles" in the book. do not memorize it, understand it. take practice tests in your book and online, these do come with rationales!
  7. by   Ol Timer
    Hi mttzakr87,

    I would like to suggest to you to hang in there. Just think of all the work you have done and have already passed to get to the point where you are at right now. I understand that i can be very frustrating, but there are other options. Right now all you need to do is to study to pass the classes. Believe it not you will retain a lot just by doing that. As a supplement, get as many NCLEX testing books (with CD's) that you can and do the practice tests, start now. The NCLEX books will give you rationals.

    And no matter how bad you think you have it, there is probably someone else out there that has it worse.

    As an example, I am about to graduate (hopefully) in three weeks. At my school we are not even allowed to go over our tests, let alone get any rationals for incorrect answers. We have asked dozens of times for the school to change this policy but they will not. Apparently they had some big cheating scandal about 5 years ago and it has traumatized the entire staff. So we just push forward.

    Don't give up!