Nursing or Radiologic Technology???

  1. I have done come to the crossroads of choosing between going into nursing or radiologic technology. I really don't know what to do. I am torn between dropping my radiologic technology major and go on into nursing. Could someone please give me some information on both. The good and the bad aspects. The thought of taking x-rays the rest of my life sickens me. I really want to care for hurt and sick and I really love geriatrics. Please help me!! I'm supposed to change my major tommorrow to nursing, but I want to know about both fields before I do that. Any information will be appreciated!!
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  3. by   imafostermom
    You sound like you have already decided. Go with your heart. I can not tell you about a radiology career but nursing is very rewarding and there are many avenues to try. Best of luck.
  4. by   lilo2010
    If nursing is really what you want, do it now! I put it off & got my MLT(lab) degree! I am finally starting nursing school 10yrs later!
  5. by   Daytonite
    Most RTs don't stay RTs. They take further study and go on to become CT or MRI technicians because taking x-rays the rest of their life gets boring. CT and MRI pays extremely well and much more than what nurses make. My boyfriend, when I was in nursing school, was a radiation therapy technician and he along with the people in nuclear medicine made tons more money than nurses. They also got weekends and holidays off. Radiation departments are the money makers of all facilities. Most x-rays, except for a selective few are non-invasive and are constantly improving. The need for them increases all the time. The need for radiation services is increasing and on the rise. You will always work in this profession. You will have contact with patients, but not the 8- or 12-hour responsibility that nurses have. Believe me, many times that's not a bad deal. There are many patients you really don't want to be around for more than a few minutes and when you are a nurse you are stuck with dealing with them for a whole shift.
  6. by   djc1981
    There are many RTs going back to Nursing, but not many Nurses going back to RT. I think that says something. Sure you can go on to do well in radiology, but with nursing theres ALOT more opportunities for advancement and upward mobility. You can go on to grad school and make more than any CT/MRI/RT person with NP or CRNA. Nursing salaries are continuing to rise due to the shortages. The average is in the 60Ks now. Around these parts, no RT people make that -- its almost half that. I wouldn't want to limit myself to just one area, thats why I chose nursing over RT.