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    Hi! This is my first time posting since being admitted to a 2yr RN program. (:

    I have been reading very good posts here on allnurses about how I can prepare for nursing school Jan 2013.

    What I've found is that many nursing students advised to get a "very good nursing care plan book." However, I never saw any suggestions. What are your recommendations for a good nursing care plan book? What sort of informations should I be looking for in such a book?

    I appreciate and thank you in advance for any suggestions. Have a great day/night!


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    Will appreciate any feedback thanks!
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    Have you checked out your school's bookstore for the recommended books? The one my school recommends is actually highly rated on Amazon. Check them out as well for lower cost books and reviews. HTH! =)
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    I prefer "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook" by Betty Ackley. I also have "Nursing Diagnosis Manual" by Doenges. They don't tell you necessarily how to construct the careplan, since every school might have different guidelines, but they reflect the NANDA Diagnosises and interventions. I recommend getting at least 1 book with the up to date NANDA list of Nursing Dx. You can often find careplan books at your local discount book store.
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    Thank you amandacam and oknurse2be! I will check them out at my bookstore. I really appreciate your advises (:
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    Your school may have a required book to follow......I prefer Ackley: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, 9th Edition and Gulanick: Nursing Care Plans, 7th Edition
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    anyone starting @ Cochran School of Nursing in January?
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    My school had one that we were required to have. You may want to check into that and see. Also, make sure you get a current one.
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    Whether or not your faculty assigns it, you cannot go wrong with the Bible of nursing diagnosis, NANDA-I 2012-2014 (the current edition). We spend a lot of time here on AN explaining the why of nursing diagnoses to students, and this book lays it out for you. You'll never use a non-approved diagnosis-- every approved one is here, and if it's not, forget it. Free two-day delivery for students from, and you can thank me later!
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    Hi everyone,

    I appreciate everyone's recommendations. As many of you have stated, my nursing program did list Ackley's "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook" as the required care plan book. This is great because it is what most of you have recommended to me anyways! So thank you again for that!

    GrnTea, thank you for your recommendation! The Ackley book is current with NANDA as well. However, I will definately check out your recommendation. I think it might be helpful to have both!

    Thank you all, Happy Holidays woo!

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