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Nurse Extern Job

  1. 2 Hi everyone!

    I was recently hired as a nurse extern in the CCU and I start in about two weeks. I will also be entering my last semester of an ASN program at that time and I am worried about time management. Luckily, I will only be required to work two shifts a month to keep this externship but the unknown scares me. Can anyone give me some helpful tips about extern positions and things I need to be working on? Especially for a CCU environment. I am so intimidated but very excited! Thanks everyone.
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    Wow how exciting is this...congrats to you!! I hope all goes well and that you enjoy it.
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    Thank you
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    First off congrats on the job!! I work as a CNA at a hospital and was worried about the same thing at first. Time management IS EVERYTHING....get a planner and plan your classe, study time, tests, and work schedule. Make sure you never have to work the day before a test because it's hard to go home and study after a long day (we work 12hr shifts)'ll love working in the hospital setting it really gives you a different perspective on nursing. Good luck on your last semester!
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    Thank you so much for the great advice. I'm ready to get started for sure!
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    For my externship I had to work every other weekend, both days. Not a big deal, unless I had a test that Monday. If you know your test schedule ahead of time, find someone to switch with. That being said, I usually found it was so much harder for me to switch with someone (I had two other part-time jobs at the time to schedule around), that I just worked it and studied after. It is doable, but it is not ideal.
    Leave the textbooks at home, but bring your flashcards. Work hard, make sure your manager knows your name, and if there is an opportunity to observe anything, do so. If you want practice with a skill and your job description allows you to do it (we were allowed to place foleys, do trach care, etc w/ supervision), tell your nurses.
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    I never even thought about the test issue, but I will definitely make sure I pay attention to that. Thanks so much!
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    Nice and Congratulations! =) hope all goes well and enjoy what you love doing the most of saving lives =). Time management is everything don't let small situations stress you out.

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