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Hi everyone. I don't post much on here so I thought I'd start. I have recently been accepted into a BSN program for the fall of 2012 (wooho :D ) So, my problem is, I'm poor. And I'm taking a... Read More

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    I am surprised to read your post. how come you don't know about renting and buy online cheap textbooks. Its quite simple now. Even you can sell your books at good rates.

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    Quote from MeganG.James
    I just had that book this past semester. I got the book new and with mynursinglab (which we didn't use) for $150. The copyright date doesn't matter. Just get the correct edition.
    This is exactly what I was hoping to see. Thanks so much, and thank you to everyone else. You have no idea how much of a help this is! I'm just going for the older one because I've realized that it just isn't worth the money. My college also made me buy a "nursing bag" with catheters and a sphgmomanometer and a bunch other stuff. Came to $109! Just for that bag.
    I am now convinced that my college bookstore is just out to take all of my money
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    And the teachers and faculty support the bookstore keep that in mind. I get all my books from amazon with there student prime i get free shipping two day delivery and a cheaper price good luck
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    I am a firm believer in using the international editions and older editions of books. I did this for my Gerentology class this semester and got it for $3 as opposed to the $150 the bookstore wanted. Obviously for drug books I'd go with newest (and international if possible) but for others you can get by just fine with the older text. Also, befriend your classmates. I had a girl sit next to me with an old ed. of A&P and I helped her match up with the new one.

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