Needing ideas for high protein, high iron portable snacks

  1. 0 I have a severe anemia issue and I find that I do better during the day if I can eat little bits here and there, especially if its a high protein food.
    Also, I'm a vegetarian (not vegan) so its a little harder for me than others to just grab something from the school cafeteria.

    So, can anyone suggest high protein and/or high iron snacks I can pack in my backpack?
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    Granola bars?
    The one that I usually buy has 4g fiber and 5g protein. And some taste, too.
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    I usually have a Luna bar (my favorite flavore is S'mores) on swimming or running days. They taste pretty darn good =)

    180 Calories
    5g fat (3g sat fat)
    10g protein
    3g fiber
    6.3g iron (well... 35% of the daily value.. i'm assuming on a 2000 calorie diet scale?)

    edit: the product's website:
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    Peanut butter

    On crackers, bread, toast, apples, by itself..........
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    I love Luna Bars, have to watch the sugar content in them though, they cleverly disguise it as "cane juice" or "brown rice syrup".

    Protein bars are nothing more than processed foods, but they are a good snack to tide you over if need be.

    The peanut butter and apple is a good one.

    I understand you delimena it's hard to find veg*n food that doesn't need refrigeration. Perhaps one of those cooler bags where you can pack some backed tofu and eat it cold or something like that. Or a sandwich with veggie "meat" like tofurkey, or Yves.

    Good luck in school.
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    I love orange essence plums. They're not necessarily high in protein, but they do have 2% iron , are tasty, and easily portable.
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    Yogurt with Raisins or Nuts and dried apricot, But you really should speak to a Registered Nutritionist. Just as I would hope a Physical Therapist would consult with an R.N. when appropriate, If you suffer severe anemia you should consult the proper medical care specialists to deal with it. Hope you feel well,
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    Substitute anything that requires letture for raw baby spinach. It actually tastes good.

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