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Hello , I really want to be a nurse but my ultimate goal is to become a np. Because I have quite a few c's and b's (no a's) in my nursing prequites. Going to fscj is really not an option. I am forced... Read More

  1. by   Esme12
    Quote from starnurse16
    Thank you everyone for the great advice. My grades were poor because I was not focused on school. I have mostly b's and three c's, no a's. Now I am determined to focus on school and achieve good grades. Because I have a family ( a fiance and a 4 month old baby). Also I want a career I would love in the medical field. I Just am very impatient and wouls like to start towards my career asap..
    You also need to take into consideration......will these credits be an advantage to you in your advanced degree. Will they help or hinder you. I know that there are some states that exclude some for profits due to non concurrent curriculum....and will not grant you a license in the state if you ever move.

    I think if you are serious about an advanced need to slow down and look at this carefully. Your GOOD grades will be necessary to give you the edge needed to be competative in a flooded nursing market. If you are looking at being a NP please be aware that it will be DNP required entry in 2015.

    There is NO nursing shortage. Nurses across the US are having trouble finding jobs. It is estimated that the average job search for a BSN/new grad is 14 - 18 months. As much as 47% of nursing new grads are unemployed or under employed in most markets.

    I wish you the best.
  2. by   nurseprnRN
    I mean this kindly. Please think strongly about taking a remedial English class to help you with your writing. Some of the difficulty you have had in school may be due to the fact that you have a hard time writing complete sentences and spelling words correctly. It would be a real pity if you signed up for a hugely expensive for-profit school and then flunked out based on your written work...and you'd still have all those huge loans to pay off.

    As Esme said, some state BONs may allow you to take NCLEX for all programs and, if you pass, to practice as an RN. However, other state BONs may not accept the educational program you did, and regardless of whether you have passed NCLEX in the first state will not allow you an RN license in theirs. Be very, very careful about that.
  3. by   starnurse2b16
    Hello everyone,Thanks again for the advice . I really appreciate it!! I think I am going to try to be more patient.. I am going to try and get accepted into the lpn program. That way I could later bridge to the rn program. Also I would remain debt free. This way I could go to an accredited college and further my Education. To achieve my ultimate goal to become an np. Being a mother and achieving my goals , will motiviate me to make better grades.
  4. by   strawberryluv
    I think I would go for the LPN program. You have a family and tuition is an important factor to you
    so going the LPN route is the easiest way to put yourself in health care without fostering a lot of debt.
    LPNs also do not make little money . Don't listen to what your friends say, you will always find
    a need for practical nurses in long-term care facilities.

    After you've worked as an LPN, you will be prepared for the intensity of the RN program because
    you would already have had the knowledge of most of the technical aspects of the RN's duties.
    Also, you will have a greater foundation for RN work because of your experience
    and witness to the various nursing situations from working in it.

    Good luck!

    Make sure you pay attention to the retention rates, accreditation, and the NCLEX-PN passing rates
    of those schools.