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  1. 0 I'm not taking boards until next year but... Has anyone used the Hurst NCLEX review? Is it worth it?
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    I've heard the Hurst review is good but if you haven't had all the classes why would you want to spend the money on the review? There will e lots of stuff covered in the review that you haven't learned yet.
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    I took the live four-day Hurst Review course back in 2010 soon after graduating from an RN completion program and about six weeks prior to taking NCLEX-RN.

    The Hurst Review is an excellent review of all the nursing content you'll ever need to pass NCLEX, but I agree that you'll achieve the most benefit if you wait until a few weeks before or after graduation to take it.
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    Haven't taken the NCLX yet, but just finished my Hurst review last week and it's awesome.