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hey everyone this is my first thread ever here in the student section and it has been very helpful :d i have been accepted to fairleigh dickinson university henry p. becton school of nursing for... Read More

  1. by   Nscorpiored
    For the record you do not need all those supplies. That is what they sent us in the orientation package. It turns out what I only used so far is the clipboard, stethoscope and that was it. You can go to your local nursing store and get a lot of the supplies you need. What is necessary is the nursing bag I do use that. They give us supplies during lab/clinical. During orientation they told us that we didn't need that whole list. The diagnostic set you definitely do not need whatsoever. Pharm was pharm LOL it is hard work in the end I earned a B. Many other students earned A or A- you should be okay. Just study the slides and be prepared to take a quiz every week, that is how she test and it will help your grade. Don't stress you will be fine
  2. by   Nscorpiored
    Oh before I forget you will need to have a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, pen light, and clipboardFor studying you will need plenty of index cards
  3. by   RNintraining72
    How did you prepare or study for your medical calc exams?? Was medical calc included in the Fundamentals course or pharm??? Math is not my best subject so I just want to be prepared!
  4. by   Nscorpiored
    They gave us a med calc book and I took this small book and cd rom and studied all weekend it really was not all that bad and after you take the first one you know what to expectJust take your time people fail the first one because they are nervous and make careless mistakes
  5. by   RNintraining72
    I have been studying on my ow so far and doing okay.. Is this self study or do they give you some instruction?? I am going to try to master this as much as possible before Aug 27
  6. by   Nscorpiored
    A lot of nursing school in general is self study. You are lucky if they give you a study guide or tell you what they are going to focus on. For med math its good you are studying on your own that helps. They give you the book in fundamentals 1 and she will tell you what to focus on. Learn your roman numerals, children dosages, iv drip rate, intake and output, household measurements, dilutions, reading labels, etc. It is not as bad as you think just relax and take your timePiece of advice record the lectures, listen to them, and read your book no matter what. Also transcribe the lectures, meaning type up what is said, it really helps especially in pathophysiology and health assessmentGood luck
  7. by   RNintraining72
    Great ...Thank you! That was a good heads up!!! Just trying to be ahead of the game a little!

    Roman numerals for nursing??? Okay...don't know why but I am def gonna brush up!!

    N...I already have my recorder ready to go! Transcribing has always helped me too..Learned that from A & P!! LOL