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    Feel like Ive went go through hell and high water to get it!! Nonetheless I was accepted into the nursing program at my community college for this fall! So it started with them not being able to mail the acceptance letters until this Monday.. Well Tuesday everyone got their letter. So it was no question in my mind that I would get mine Wednesday! Well when I didn't receive that letter I freaked! I called the nursing director and found out that they had sent my letter to the wrong address :h no::. Fortunately they are really sweet they allowed me to come in and get a copy of my letter and my schedule!! I start orientation nxt Wednesday! I can't explain how far the lord my Jesus has brought me!! I'm humbled and honored to be given this opportunity I know that if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here!! I'm very excited and I just want to say god bless all of the newly accepted nursing students starting Fall 2012!
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    Congrats, I know you will do great
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    congratulations!! i know how you feel and understand the efforts put forth to apply. i got my letter just two weeks ago. i thank god everyday for the opportunities he has given me! good luck to you!!
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    Congrats! God is Good!
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    Congrats! God is awesome!
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    I also got my letter like a month ago. I am truly excited!!!!!!!! God is truly amazing!
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    God is awesome!!! Congrats!!!
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    I'm waiting for my letter to hopefully come soon... I just got my final transcript turned in yesterday because it got lost in the mail the first time so I took it down to the school. I've seen on here that people have recently been hearing within a week of the school receiving their transcripts so I'm waiting very anxiously and unpatiently...
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    Congrats to everyone. I too have been accepted into an LPN program and I start in September.
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    Thanks everyone for the positive energy it's feels reassuring that others are going through the trenches with me!!

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